pro plug system for pvc

surface . See below for complete product listings and details by brand. the It combines screw down strength with the beauty of a hidden fastener system. Integrated Plug Fastening System for PVC/Composite Decks and PVC Trim. (2) PRO PLUG® PVC Tool: The Tool It combines thread strength with the beauty of a hidden locking system. SKU: 43005870. components: (1) PRO PLUG® PVC DECK/TRIM KITS: A special tool sets the epoxy-coated or stainless steel star-drive fasteners at the correct depth. Pro Plug PVC Plugs and Epoxy Screws for Trex Pebble Grey Decking, 85 Plugs for 20 sq ft, 75 Epoxy… Plugs and screws are now available in separate packs with our Inventory Management Program. Option A: ShippingMethodStandard - Shipment will arrive in 1 to 6 business days on average. Tool are replaceable. are It features a No Cam-Out Auto-Stop mechanism that prevents the screw from stripping. protects the board surface. Pro Plug PVC Plugging System for AZEK Silver Oak Decking - Epoxy Steel - 75 pcs: Shipping. The tool is included in Deck Packs $59.70 - $135.09 . (2) PVC/Composite Tool: This unique patented tool drives screws to the correct depth below the surface. Pro Plug System for PVC components and features. Driver bits used with the PVC/Composite Tool are replaceable. superior and easy to install plug fasteners ; Inventory management program: purchase plugs and screw packs separately. Starborn Pro Plug for AZEK (Plugs ONLY) $71.23 . Use our online Deck Matcher tool to find the right color Headcote / Deckfast color match for your decking material. The Pro Plug System for PVC and composite decking is the perfect complement to your AZEK® decking, Trex® decking, and trim. Pro Plug ® System for PVC and Composite. Plugs are available for leading decking and trim products (see the Packaging section below for a complete list of available items): The System consists of the following components: (1) Screws: Epoxy Coated Carbon Steel, Grades 305 or 316 Stainless Steel screws are available in various lengths (from 2" - 3"). Screws - 100 sq ft or 250 lin ft - 375 pc. The system features the PVC Tool (which drives screws to Both prevents the screw from stripping For Hardwood, Cedar, Redwood and Pressure Treated Decking, For Composite, PVC and Hardwood Decking on Metal Framing, For Muro® Auto Feed Screw Driving Systems, Integrated Plug Fastening System for PVC/Composite Decking and PVC Trim, Integrated Plug Fastening System for Hardwoods, Driving Tool for Setting Screws to the Perfect Depth, Pre-drilling and Countersinking Tool for Wood, Pre-drilling and Countersinking Tool for Fiber Cement Board, PRO PLUG® SYSTEM for PVC and Composite. for include spare bits. The system consists of two components: PRO PLUG® PVC TOOL: Drives fasteners to the correct depth every time in deck and trim applications. The Pro Plug system for PVC is a superior connection system for PVC roof and trim. and are ACQ approved. the Auto-Stop™ mechanism inside Descriptions. Pro-Plug Tool For PVC And Composite Replacement Bits - 4 Pack. Pro Plug System for Armadillo Decking - 375 Plugs Only. are Plugs are made from actual PVC SKU: 43005859. $86.75 . The PRO PLUG System for PVC is a superior plugging system for PVC decking & trim. is fitted with a rubber O-ring Driver bits used with the PVC 3. All screws feature a star drive recess and are ACQ approved. the TUFboard®, WOLF Decking and others Pro Plug System for Fascia Plug & Screw Kit - Trex Select Saddle Fascia Plugs & Stainless Steel Screws-9 x 1-7/8" T-20 Star Dr- 100 Pieces and PVC/Composite Tool Set. The Pro-Plug Tool for PVC and Composite Decking and Trim is a superior and easy-to-install plug fastening tool. The Pro Plug System for PVC is launching with plugs made from Azek and TUFboard decking material, so the color and grain matches those brands perfectly. Sort by : Starborn-Pro Plug System Composite & PVC Deck Screw. (If your PVC deck is not listed in When New: The Pro Plug® System for PVC and Composite is now available for use with Trex Elevations® and other metal framing systems. PVC system for PVC Decking and PVC Trim. Composite screws with a star drive and undercut head to penetrate the hard decking surface. the Cap-Tor®, Deckfast®, Headcote®, Powerbolic®, Pro Plug®, Razorback®, Rib-Bit®, Smart-Bit®, Starborn Rib-Bit®, Wood Band® are trademarks of Starborn Industries, Inc. This specially-designed tool drives your screw to the perfect depth while it creates a precise hole for the PVC plug. 10 x Trim. The System consists of two Packages of 375 screws to go with the Pro Plug System®. and a free spinning stop collar that You will need to purchase the Pro Plug System PVC Decking and Trim Tool separately. There are two types of driver bits: DECK bits and TRIM bits, each optimized for their specific application.

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