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The Dyson produced a more consistent rate of humidification, and more consistent overall increases in humidification, than the Levoit, with a range of 18.25 to 24.25 percent. Dry air can cause all kinds of problems for our bodies. Tim Heffernan is a senior staff writer at Wirecutter and a former writer-editor for The Atlantic, Esquire, and others. Removes 99.9% of bacteria in the water¹. First the good. Two tests (one of the Dyson, one of the Levoit) began at 15 percent humidity. You can explore every feature of this device in detail and discuss it with the customer support team before buying it. The Levoit lets you shut the display off simply by holding the Auto button down for a few seconds. Where most models let mist pour out and slowly raise the humidity, the Dyson AM10 can blow the mist around the room. Neither approach is objectively superior,2 but credit where it’s due: Dyson’s model aims for, and in our test achieved, a very consistent rate of humidification. The Dyson AM10 is, quantitatively, a good humidifier. All of these settings are controlled with a convenient remote control that attaches magnetically to the top of the unit. I’d like to thank ao.com for sending me the Dyson AM10 Humidifier – White / Silver (£499) to review and keep.. Left to their own devices—that is, running on Auto, rather than on a fixed setting, as they did in our tests—the Dyson and Levoit both self-adjust to hit a target level of humidity. The loggers were mounted 6 feet above the floor, with their sensors exposed on all sides. In the sections below we further detail its performance in all of our individual tests. Humidifier. We can... the most in-depth and scientific tech reviews, Easy to clean, self-regulating evaporative humidifying, Not the most powerful, no advanced features, Requires replacement filters, filter can get moldy if left unattended for too long, Not powerful enough for large rooms, no advanced features, While good, this is not the best model around, yet costs 5 times as much as other top performers, A great budget option if you don’t need advanced features and want to humidify a smaller room, Quite effective and powerful for its price, but don’t forget you’ll have to pay for replacement filters for the life of the machine, If you don't mind vigorous cleaning this is a good low-priced high-power option, A simple and budget-conscious option for smaller spaces. Learn more. Photo: Michael Hession, The Dyson’s small fill hole (smaller than a US quarter) makes it hard to fill without splashing and splattering. 5.0 out of 5 stars Ignore Bad Reviews. The Dyson’s tank is tiny and hard to fill, meaning more frequent and more irritating trips to the faucet. €700. Dyson Cool Tower Fan (Standalone Fan): 3.5 out of 5 stars from 76 genuine reviews on Australia's largest opinion site ProductReview.com.au. This was mostly due to the incredibly tiny 1" opening in the water tank that makes getting in there to scrub nearly impossible. The Dyson's fan can disperse mist throughout a room more quickly, meaning you feel the effect faster than with most models. Lose the Dyson’s remote—it’s about the size of a Bic lighter, and the sort of thing toddlers love to grab and play with—and you lose all ability to make adjustments on it until you get a replacement remote (at $30 plus $9 shipping in the US). Combining the functions of a humidifier and a cooling fan, it monitors temperature and humidity and will automatically project powerful humid airflow evenly throughout the room using Air Multiplier technology. Got feedback? Otherwise there are many models that are much less expensive and better values, namely the Levoit LV600HH. It earned only a score of 4 out of 10 in this metric. We measured no more than a 3 percent difference between the two logger readings on any test. Automatically purifies and hygienically humidifies. The Levoit also has a control panel on the machine itself. In the 1-meter-from-the-walls location, he ran the Dyson on its lowest (1), medium (5), and highest (10) fan speeds, and the Levoit on its low-, medium-, and high-output settings. The Dyson AM10 Humidifier is a perfectly good humidifier, judging from all the performance data we measured, and it looks cool. This company is also well-known for its amazing looking household applications like fans, cordless vacuum cleaners, hair dryers, etc. The Dyson AM10 is good at humidifying a room, but it’s hard to clean, maintain, and live with—and its price is typically hundreds of dollars higher than competitors’. It also features a sleep timer, wifi enabled capabilities, and a remote control for your convenience. This isn't particularly difficult, but it is one extra step. The Dyson does an excellent job of giving me the right amount of moisture every minute of the day. Dyson AM10 Fan & Humidifier. To minimize any air movement except that created by the machines themselves, Tim closed the windows (which, conveniently, had been newly weather-sealed the week before the tests began), closed off the apartment’s forced-air ventilation system, and sealed the vents and the through-wall air conditioner with aluminum foil and painter’s tape. Each test lasted eight hours, and both machines were set to a target of 55 percent relative humidity. Reviewer Recommendation. For clarity, the graph immediately above shows all four Dyson tests (water output constant, fan speed varying) and the Levoit high-output test; the data is the same as in the comparative chart shown prior. Why you really pay $400 for a Dyson. Placing it across the room renders it virtually inaudible. Confused about the best way to humidify your home? It also averaged a 25.5 percent increase in humidity, again ranking among the top performances. A lot of people actually Thu, Jul 2, 2015, 01:00. To best capture any impact from the Dyson’s fan (and the Levoit’s lack of one), one logger sat directly in the fan’s pathway, approximately 15 feet away in the opposite corner of the room. The Dyson AM10 Humidifier fits squarely into the company’s distinct design and engineering aesthetic. The Dyson’s consistency is a function of its quirky design: Its humidifying mechanism vaporizes water at a constant rate, and only the fan speed varies. And that brings up the final flaw: Both the Dyson and the Levoit come with remote controls, but the Dyson only has a remote. It has a simple interface that makes changing the fan and humidifier settings easy. Our take on Dyson’s gear, and how essential (or unnecessary) all of it is. We can’t recommend paying so much for a machine with its shortcomings, even if you love its looks. It humidifies a room evenly, as Dyson claims—but no more evenly than the Levoit. The fill hole is minuscule, smaller around than a US quarter, so it’s easy to miss and splatter water on yourself and the counter. The Dyson's manual calls for a citric acid soak to clean everything out. Dyson AM10 Humidifier + Fan. *At the time of publishing, the price was $400. We really like one of the company’s cordless vacuums, for example, noting in our guide that “if you want a cordless vacuum that can clean your whole home as thoroughly as a good plug-in model, this is how much it costs [$300 as of early 2018].”. The room’s door remained closed throughout each test, with a rolled-up towel along its bottom edge to stop any in-drafts from the rest of the apartment. Despite what the Dyson AM10 Humidifier does well, it fails to justify its extraordinarily high price. Dyson AM09 review: The company's latest hot and cool blower is the ideal household companion, 12 months a year. (And, like us, TechGearLab recommends the Levoit, naming it an Editors’ Choice.). And the Dyson is much more difficult to operate, maintain, and live with. Throughout the tests, starting conditions (relative humidity and temperature) were stable and comparable. less flow = less water output) and it doesn’t vary hugely (< 25% at worst case).” By contrast, most humidifiers, including the Levoit, do alter their rate of water output between their settings, and so exhibit wider ranges of humidification. February 22, 2016 | Kidding Around Australia. Sort By. By Francine Brokaw on December 12, 2016 Lifestyle, Product Reviews. Because this unit is much more than your average standalone humidifier – it flawlessly provides hygienic humidification throughout the year and high-velocity cool air during summers. Dyson AM10 Humidifier - 6 Pint - White. Dyson Humidifier takes advantage of the Dyson Air Multiplier technology to humidify air quickly, evenly, but most importantly, cleanly. It humidifies effectively, as Dyson claims—but no better than the Levoit LV600HH, which costs hundreds of dollars less. Since the Levoit lacks a fan but uses the same method of humidification, we determined that it would provide a control to measure the Dyson against. In Ireland, there’s one thing we’re not short of: moisture (Water also condenses inside the large, hollow air multiplier and tends to drip on the floor when you remove it.). But they do so in different ways. Finally, the lower housing gets a vinegar/acid soak and scrub, but you have to be careful not to get any liquid into the air intakes that encircle the housing. Both also tapered off as the tests progressed, although the Levoit maintained a higher average rate overall (and thus achieved a higher overall increase in humidity). Learn more about it in our review! If you don't know much about humidifiers, check out this article about how humidifiers work where you can get much more familiar with the types and how each works. Learn more at Amazon here… 9. Take the most frequent interaction you have with a humidifier: refilling the tank. How can we improve GearLab? Adding water to the clunky Dyson AM10 resulted in frequent water spills. As a humidifier, the Dyson is fairly powerful and has a very accurate, self-regulating humidistat, but the Levoit LV600HH offers the same performance at about 1/5th the price. When you click on links to buy products we may earn money to support, Powerful fan, good humidifying performance. The Dyson AM10 was the least economical model we tested with an incredibly high estimated lifetime cost of $579. At the sink, it lies rock-solid on its flat top, so you can step away while it fills and tend to another task. How are ratings calculated? We hired an electrical engineer to crack open some discount Dyson battery packs, and found shoddy craftsmanship and possibly counterfeit cells. The Dyson “operates like a thermostat; it keeps running for longer, rather than changing its output level,” Dyson engineer Dan Beavis explained. It’s fussy to clean, with multiple small parts to take apart and wash separately. Dyson AM10 Humidifier Review 0. Tim tested the Levoit in the same locations, but elevated that machine per the manufacturer’s recommendation: It sat on a 22-inch-high side table, with both nozzles aimed at the center of the room. Top positive review. But compared with the Levoit LV600HH (and our other top humidifier picks), it’s priced in a class by itself and isn’t easy to live with. GearLab is reader-supported. But having one can’t hurt, and certainly gives many people peace of mind. To do that on the Dyson, you first have to remove the large “air multiplier” loop, a two-handed job. It also has a digital readout on the front that lets you know how hard the fan is blowing, what humidity level has been selected, and if the off timer is on or not. However, when allowed to run beyond the end of one eight-hour test window, the Levoit eventually hit 55 percent after 19 hours on medium. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and we never accept free products from manufacturers. Beyond the obvious difference in price—the Dyson’s retail price is $500 (though it often sells for $400), versus about $70 to $90 for the Levoit—the Dyson has a built-in fan whereas the Levoit does not.1 Dyson claims that the AM10’s fan improves the evenness of humidification in a room. The AM10 is like light years ahead of the rest of the competition in the last group. Whether or not you work from home, though, you still need to read my Dyson Pure Humidify+Cool review, because this product is a game-changer that I’d argue pretty much everyone needs in their space. The Dyson Humidifier AM10. © 2021 Wirecutter, Inc., A New York Times Company, Capable performance at an incredible cost, We really like one of the company’s cordless vacuums, rates a full 3 liters to last at least 10 hours, in 2016 the Dyson had the most accurate humidistat in our test, Honeywell HCM-350 Germ Free Cool Mist Humidifier, Honeywell HCM-350 Germ-Free Cool Mist Humidifier, Knockoff Dyson Vacuum Batteries Are Cheap, but They Aren’t Worth the Risk. The Levoit is fanless—it just spits mist into the air—yet both machines humidified the room almost perfectly evenly end to end. In 64 hours of tests, the Dyson AM10 humidified a room no better than our comparable humidifier pick, the Levoit LV600HH. The lower housing also gets a vinegar-solution soak-and-scrub, and the chimney simply lifts out for a wipedown—no tabs or toggles to futz with. (And because of that small hole, you have to hold it, at least when you first open the tap—there’s no way to reliably aim the stream at the hole if it’s more than an inch or two away from the faucet.) Also you must disassemble the unit into 3 pieces to get to the tank. Now the bad. In our 2016 general test of humidifiers, the Dyson had the most accurate internal humidistat, varying just 1.4 percent on average from the logger readings—that is, within the loggers’ own +/- 2 percent margin of error. Starting at a virtually identical 15.75 percent humidity, the Levoit raised the humidity to 45 percent over eight hours, a 29.25 percent increase—and five percentage points better than the Dyson. All trademarks property of their respective owners. Dubbed … The Dyson AM10 is a unique and powerful humidifier that also includes all of the benefits of one of Dyson's bladeless fans, but at a near astronomical price. by Dyson. And it sells for a fraction of the Dyson’s price. It maxed out at 57.6%, which was a bit below the top models. There is UV technology in the base of this unit that sanitizes the water before distributing it into the air. The answer is, Dyson offers many features that generally a traditional humidifier doesn’t. The Levoit is an apt point of comparison to the Dyson because both are ultrasonic humidifiers, which means they work by using a rapidly vibrating diaphragm to fling a fine mist of liquid water into the air. You can balance the tank on those flat spots while filling, but it’s a precarious balance, and stepping away to let the tank fill on its own doesn’t feel safe. Tim ran four tests on each machine. Material on GearLab is copyrighted. That said, it does make an audible mechanical hum. In its best performance, starting at a very dry ambient humidity of 15.25 percent, the Dyson raised the humidity to 39.5 percent over the course of eight hours, a 24.25 percent increase. The Dyson humidifier has no night mode, and may turn the fan up to 10 if you set it on Auto; to limit the fan speed, you have to set the machine manually. So not only is the Dyson’s tank more irritating to refill, but you also have to refill it twice as often—multiple times per day if you’re running the humidifier around the clock. The tank gets its own soak with the vinegar/acid solution, but because the fill hole is so small, you have no way to give tough limescale or other undesirable deposits inside the tank an actual scrub. In contrast, the Levoit LV600HH's water tank has a much larger 3.25" opening that makes scrubbing much easier. Create a comfortable environment with the Dyson AM10. By contrast, during our tests and while living with the Levoit for weeks, we found that the LV600HH routinely ran for more than 24 hours between refills. In absolute terms, that’s right in line with the top performances in our more extensive humidifier guide, including that of the Levoit LV600HH. Ciara O'Brien . This is a common enough complaint that one owner has made a video showing how to “fix” the issue (spoiler: put tape over the display). And the fill hole is huge—big enough to let a fist through—so it’s almost impossible to miss the hole and spray water everywhere. Guard your home from harmful particles and bacteria with this Dyson Humidifier. In both locations the Dyson was aimed, again as recommended, toward the center of the room. Projects purified, humidified air. Dyson AM10 Cool Air Humidifier. For rough comparison, a generic 18-inch box fan measured 52 decibels on medium. Dyson AM10 Humidifier Review. But if you live in a desert environment, it can be a refreshingly cool, moist breeze. The Dyson AM10 humidifier has a revolutionary design and modern components. Sometimes Dyson’s high prices are justified with great value. Tim placed them at opposite ends of the room, as far apart from each other as was practicable. 100 % Of the 2 reviewers who responded, 2 would recommend this product. All positive reviews › MCS. There you will understand how beautiful and extraordinary the features they offer. The tank is awkward to hold: Because it’s shaped like a section of pipe, with a big hole in the middle, getting a stable grip is tricky. The Dyson includes a convenient remote control. The Dyson’s holds just half that. One unique aspect or the Dyson AM10 is its attached fan. The Dyson's water tank (left) has an incredibly small opening, requiring really good aim when refilling. Reproduction without permission is prohibited. The Dyson also raised the humidity consistently—never by more than 24 percent, nor by less than 17 percent. The other common type of humidifier, evaporative, uses a fan to draw air over a wet wick or filter, producing water vapor directly. This device looks like a piece of contemporary art and works as efficiently as possible. Last month, our friends at Dyson sent us a new Dyson AM10 Humidifier so that we could try it out! And since humidifiers are often used in the bedroom or nursery, things like noise levels and the brightness of the display were also important. Photo: Michael Hession. Like most Dyson devices, it attracts a lot of interest, and a lot of questions—one of them being “Is it worth it?” An understandable reaction, because, also typical of the company’s products, the Dyson humidifier is considerably more expensive than most of its competitors. The Dyson AM10 was above average in our humidifying testing, scoring a 7 out of 10. This is near the high end of the EPA’s recommended range for indoor humidity (30 to 60 percent), and our past tests had indicated that reaching it was a challenge for most humidifiers. Tim Heffernan tested the Dyson and the Levoit in January and February 2018 in his New York apartment, in the same room he used for his fall 2017 humidifier tests. Overall, we do not believe sterilizers are necessary on humidifiers, especially if you follow the recommended cleaning procedures, and the Levoit does not have one. Dyson Humidifier Review – Expensive But Worth It? For the recommended weekly cleaning, both machines need only a simple rinse and wipedown. This process causes some air circulation in the room. The Dyson AM10 was towards the bottom of our overall scoresheet (as you can see in the table above), largely due to a high estimated lifetime cost and a water tank that is somewhat difficult to clean and refill. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Dyson AM10 Humidifier, White/Silver at Amazon.com. Two more buttons on the bottom of the remote offer the last pieces of the Hot + Cool puzzle – the width of … This is, frankly, an absurd setup: Measured from the corner, it puts the machine almost 5 feet into the room, smack in the middle of the living space. That was expected, since its output of water is constant and only the fan speed varies. The Levoit’s rate of humidification and overall increase in humidification varied widely between its low, medium, and high settings, with a final range of 10.75 to 29.25 percent. The Ultraviolet Cleanse technology kills 99.9% of bacteria in the water before projecting a fine, hygienic mist 1.With the help of the Air Multiplier™ technology, the hygienic mist is projected long-range and evenly into the air. So Tim conducted an additional test with the Dyson in a more realistic location: in the corner, on the floor, but just 16 inches from the walls. Dyson engineer Dan Beavis explained in an email that there will still be “some variation in water output with relation to fan speed.” Beavis continued, “However it is not necessarily linear (i.e. But compared with … It is approximately 200 square feet and, in winter, heated by baseboard radiators. The next closest competitor was the Levoit, which stayed within 2%. Dyson AM10 Humidifier. Our Editors independently research, test, and rate the best products. However, according to our readings, it was short of the target both times: The highest it ever reached was 47 percent humidity, below the target by 8 percent. If you’re looking for a portable humidifier to help with the dry air in your home, we recommend the Honeywell HCM-350 Germ Free Cool Mist Humidifier. We can’t recommend it. This was expected: Our earlier humidifier testing showed that figure to be a challenging target for even the most powerful machines. Dyson Humidifier AM10 (Humidifier): 2.8 out of 5 stars from 8 genuine reviews on Australia's largest opinion site ProductReview.com.au. Dyson AM09 Hot + Cool fan heater review . You can’t feel humidity differences that small, and the data loggers have an accuracy rating of +/- 2 percent anyway, so the measured gaps fall within the margin of error.

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