dcs triple reamer

Number DCS Triple Reamer: 1: 701.041: DCS Angle Guide: 1: 400.041: Graphic Aluminium Instruments Box With Two Tray for DHS / DCS Instruments: 1: Search for: Download Product Catalogues. 1 NO. Condylar screw insertion. Set the reamer to the correct depth. DHS/DCS Plate System is provided non-sterile. S. D. M. Orthopaedic is one of the leading manufacturers, suppliers and exporter of Instruments, Titanium Implants, Screw Drivers, Instrument Set, and Titanium Implant Screw. DHS Impactor. Remove the DHS triple reamer. Step 7 The drill hole should end 10 mm short of the joint surface. DCS Triple Reamer. DCS insertion After tapping, insert the DCS over the guide wire, so that its outer end is still visible 2-3 mm outside the lateral cortex of the distal femur. Dynamic Ortho Industries, Thane, Maharashtra - Established in 2004, we are Manufacturer of Universal Nail Extractor Set with 6pcs Adaptor, Angled Blade Plates 90 DCP Hole, DCS Triple Reamer, 95 Degree Condylar Blade Plates and Orthopedic Equipment & Supplies DHS Tap. 1 NO. 511.605 Air Reamer/Drill 511.610 Air Oscillator 511.615 Air Reciprocator Attachments 510.101 Quick coupling, small 510.121 Drill chuck with key 510.131 Universal chuck, without key 510.161 Quick coupling for DHS/DCS® triple reamers 510.200 Right Angled drive for medullary reaming 511.774 Torque limiter, 4 Nm 511.782 Hudson adapter Insert the DCS triple reamer into the small battery drive using the large quick coupling attachment. 105-10=95mm) and ream the hole. N-05515 DHS Angle guide. Long Coupling Screw, for DHS-DCS Screw Removal. Air Reamer/Drill Inserting the tools in the attachments (on page 9) Attaching cutting tools Pull the unlocking sleeve on the attachment backwards (for-wards for the DHS/DCS Quick Coupling, 530.760) and com-pletely insert the tool (e.g. 4 3 Confirm guide wire placement under image intensification. Triple reamer assembly Dynamic Hip Screw (DHS) Instrument assembly and surgical technique Surgical technique Tap assembly Lag screw insertion assembly Reinserting the DHS/DCS guide wire 1 Determine anteversion. The DCS instruments also provide direct measurements throughout the DCS procedure, allowing proper reaming, tapping, and lag screw insertion depth. Wrench for DHS Screw. DHS/DCS Direct Measuring Device Drilling Set the DHS Triple Reamer to the correct depth Slide the reamer over the guide pin to simultaneously drill for the lag screw, ream for the plate barrel, and countersink for the plate junction to the preset depth Instruments F16BB-PA00236 DHS Triple Reamer Drill Bit 2.0mm x 100mm, Quick Coupling. 338.10 8.0 mm Drill Bit for DHS/DCS Triple Reamer 03.010.036 12.0 mm Cannulated Drill Bit Reaming and Guide Rods Part No. Guide Shaft for Coupling Screw. Description 351.706S 2.5 mm Reaming Rod with ball tip, 950 mm, sterile 351.707S 2.5 mm Reaming Rod with ball tip and extension, 950 mm, sterile 351.708S 2.5 mm Reaming Rod with ball tip, 1150 mm, sterile DHS Triple Reamer, Complete; Includes Drill Bit (338.10), Reaming Head (338.11), and Locking Nut (338.12). Long Coupling Screw for DHS Screw Removal. Set reamer to correct depth (e.g. drill bit) by lightly turning it. About Us. Get Best Quote. We are engaged in offering quality range of basic instrument sets for lc-dcp 4.5mm which include drill sleeves, screw driver shaft,, and many more. 379 . Number 10601075011 Ref. The T-handle is lined up parallel to the femoral shaft axis in order to ensure an adequate plate placement. ALC – PLIF LUMBER CAGE; Read more. Coupling Screw Short, for Inserting DHS-DCS Screw. Number 10608061001 Wrench Screw Guide Sleeve Long Ref. Get Best Quote. Condylar screw insertion. Caution: Tap only in dense hard femoral bone. Guide Shaft for Coupling Screw. Number 10807031201 Coupling Screw Drill Guide for DHS Trocar Kirschner Wire Ø 2.0 x 230 mm Ref. The built-in stop and locking nut on the DCS triple reamer prevent over-reaming. The T-handle is lined up parallel to the femoral shaft axis to ensure an adequate plate placement. Read more. Being an ISO 9001:2000 certified organization, we offer a voluminous range of high quality spinal implants, surgical implants, orthopedic implants, surgical instruments and external fixators to our customers. Ltd. is a manufacturer and exporter of orthopaedic implants and instruments for over three decades. Drill Guide 4.5mm for Neutral and Loaded Position. 338.080 DHS/DCS T-Handle with Quick Coupling 338.000 DHS/DCS Guide Wire 2.5 mm 338.050 DHS/DCS Direct Measuring Device 338.130 DHS Triple Reamer, complete, with long Reamer 338.170 DHS/DCS Tap 338.180 DHS/DCS Centering Sleeve, short 338.200 Connecting … N-05517 T-handle. DCS Triple Reamer Ask Price We hold expertise in the production of DCS Triple Reamer (107.015), which are widely used in various applications. The triple reamer is placed over the guide wire (a), and the shaft hole for the screw (b), the barrel hole for the plate (c), and the beveled contour for the barrel-plate junction (d) are prepared. Assemble the DCS triple reamer. the surgical procedures for each implant involve removal of the damaged joint and an artificial prosthesis replacement for which our range is considered perfect. DHS/DCS Plate system is intended for use in fixation of fractures to the proximal femur. The guide wire can now easily be reinserted back in its original position. 1 NO. Request a quote. Attach the DHS/DCS centring sleeve (No. Double Drill Guide 4.5/3.2. After assembling the DCS triple reamer and setting the reamer to the correct depth, ream the hole for the DCS over the guide wire. 378 . 1 NO. 1 NO. Centering Sleeve for DHS Tap. Get Best Quote. 415 triple reamer products are offered for sale by suppliers on Alibaba.com, of which mining machinery parts accounts for 1%. ... DHS Triple Reamer Short. 380 . Siora Surgicals Pvt. N-05514 DHS Triple Reamer main. A-Z Ortho 917 Lone Oak Rd Suite 1000 Eagan, MN 55121 Info@m-p-r.com Call 800.524.5194 Proud to offer products made in the USA. DCS Triple Reamer main. 2 Use a DHS variable angle guide to insert DHS/DCS guide wire. 1 NO. These products are fabricated using quality raw materials and cutting edge technology under the supervision of our professionals. GPC Medical Ltd. - High-quality DHS/DCS Plate Instrument Set manufacturer & supplier from India. DCS Triple Reamer DHS Triple Reamer Coupling Screw Impactor T-Handle with Chuck Tap E-14. 1 NO. Double Rod Connector. After assembling the DCS triple reamer and setting the reamer to the correct depth, the hole for the condylar screw is reamed over the guide wire. After assembling the DCS triple reamer and setting the reamer to the correct depth, the hole for the condylar screw is reamed over the guide wire. Manufacturing, supplying and exporting of safe and advanced surgical instruments are the core business avenues of Dynamic Ortho Industries. Number 10601071002 Ref. Related Products. Centering Sleeve for DHS Wrench. N-05518 Hexagonal Screw Driver with Screw Holding Sleeve. & 230mm Length 1 T-Handle with Quick Coupling 1 Direct Measuring Device 1 DHS Triple Reamer 1 Wrench for DHS Screws 1 DHS Impactor 2 Spare Teflon Tip for DHS Impactor 1 DHS Tap 1 Centering Sleeve for DHS Tap 1 Centering Sleeve for DHS Wrench 2 Coupling Screw for Inserting DHS Screw (for … DCS Angle Guide. Coupling Screw for inserting DHS Screw. 338.05 DHS/DCS Direct Measuring Device 338.08 DHS/DCS T-Handle 338.49 Quick Coupling for Air Drill (Optional) Bottom Tray Catalog # Description 338.17 ⌀ … 358.682 Projectile Reamer, 10mm dia. Do not tap in osteoporotic bone. Remove the DHS triple reamer. The system is indicated for use in trochanteric, pertrochanteric, intertrochanteric, and basilar neck fracture. 1 NO. 332.062 Router, length 130mm 511.790 Quick Coupling for Kirschner Wires 511.701 COMPACTTM AIR DRIVE II 511.760 Quick Coupling for DHS/DCS® Triple Reamer 511.750 Quick Coupling 358.590 Radiographic Ruler for UHN 292.260 Kirschner Wire, 2.5mm dia., with trocar tip 351.120 Awl with T-Handle, cannulated DCS Triple Reamer. Slide the reamer over the guide wire to simultaneously drill for the lag screw, ream for the plate barrel, and countersink for the plate/barrel junction to the preset depth. Number 10601071001 Ref. You can also choose from none triple reamer, as well as from construction works triple reamer, and whether triple reamer is 1 year. Option In case of hard bone, tap the thread using the DHS/DCS Tap (388.170) and the short DHS/DCS … N-05516 DHS / DCS impactor. T-Handle, Quick Coupling. DHS & Angle Plates - Orthopedic Implants Manufacturers & Suppliers Company UK Product Descreption: Custom Made DHS/DCS Instruments set 6 Guide Wire with Threaded Tip, 2.5mm Dia. C, The DCS/DHS centering sleeve (c) is mounted over the DCS-DHS tap (b). Browse our Orthopaedic Sets catalogue online and request for a free quote now! We offer a comprehensive range of Orthopaedic Sets at best prices. 388 . 95 DCS Plates DCP Holes; DHS/DCS Compression Screws; Pediatric Lag Screw With Compression Screw; Pediatric_DHS_Barrel; Variable Angle Guide Excel; DCS Angle Guide; Triple Reamer For Dynamic Hip Compression Plate; DCS Triple Reamer; Long Coupling Screw For DHS Screw Removal; Centering Sleeve For DHS Tap; Centering Sleeve For DHS Wrench 1 NO. Preliminary screw insertion The following steps are recommended for the minimally invasive technique. Ref. the drill hole and insert a DHS/DCS screw with the shaft foremost into the centering sleeve. 10.340.01) to the DHS/DCS tap (No.10.315.05) and mount the handle (10.300.01) on the tap. First, the condylar screw is inserted to its final position. Side 10 A wide variety of triple reamer options are available to you, such as stainless steel. Once the tool is completely locked in place, release the un-locking sleeve. triple reamer itself is marked ( DHS ) so it cannot be confused with the DCS reamer. … First, the condylar screw is inserted to its final position. 386 . DHS triple reamer provides three functions in one operation, reaming for screw, for screw barrel and for the plate barrel junction. DHS Tripple Reamer. 387 . Lateral Mass Poly Screw. After assembling the DCS triple reamer and setting the reamer to the correct depth, the hole for the condylar screw is reamed over the guide wire. 1 NO. Tap to the predetermined depth.

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