can i use styrofoam instead of perlite

Instead of using heavy rocks for drainage, use Styrofoam in your planters. During manufacturing and packaging perlite is always kept damp to keep down the dust. I thought about using styrofoam, find a chunk of it and kinda break it up so it's the same size a perlite or vermiculite. Expanded clay pellets like these can be used instead of perlite or vermiculite. Expanded clay can also be blended with soil to improve drainage, retain water during droughts, and aerate soil. Perlite can be used instead of sand. For top dressing I use pea gravel, the small kind. They are not better or worse than the other, just meant to be used for different purposes. The perlite can be mixed with a bit of potting soil to keep tall containers from becoming top-heavy, or the perlite can be used by itself as a bottom layer in wide oversize pots. Hi guys! Perlite - This seems to be more popular than vermiculite for adding to compost. Nicknamed “volcanic popcorn,” perlite is made by heating volcanic glass to super high temperatures until it expands and “pops” into the white, porous, lightweight rock that resembles little Styrofoam balls. … Little clay pieces cracking off the surface of the pieces with a little speck (of vermiculite/perlite) in the centre. Styrofoam is an economical alternative to perlite, according to the University of Connecticut. Perlite when added to clay soils, it can eliminate both surface crusting and puddles. I searched the Internet and the general consensus says it won't leech toxins out but I dunno lol. They can spray on any old nasty water for dust control and the original source material may also have been salty. If so, how much of the bottom would I cover with the nugget? It will also help to reduce fluctuations in soil temperatures in your garden soil. Joined: Dec 6, 2011 Messages: 114 Likes Received: 14 #8 Colonel Pepper, May 13, 2012. My view is :-Vermiculite - in some people's view it holds a bit too much water, but is often used to sprinkle on top of seeds as a way of keeping moisture in but is light in weight and allows light to penetrate. Colonel Pepper Connoisseur. Use only 3 cubic feet for half a 94-pound bag of cement, or 1 1/2 cubic feet when using one-fourth of the cement bag. It usually appears as clay pebbles that look brownish or gray. If you find yourself with a large amount of Styrofoam from product packing and question: “Should I line potted plants with Styrofoam,” there is a way to test the Styrofoam. Super coarse perlite is a grade #4 and is a chunky one-inch particle. What can I use instead of perlite? Can be used in: nutrient film technique systems, deep water culture systems. They are used in a similar manner, but they are not interchangeable. Vermiculite is better for seeds germination, perlite have it's usefulness for hydroponic growing. Shake a small layer of the peanuts into the bottom of the pot, then fill the rest up with your usual potting soil. Organic fertilizer can be added to this base. Blend for about 1 minute. Expanded Shale. Thanks! That’s because perlite doesn’t decompose and doesn’t hold onto nutrients. It worked beautifully and I was able to glaze over it. I think petrolium mixed with your CP's is a bad combination. After one week it was still the same as when I first put it in. 6 parts compost Use thicker polystyrene to make a Perlite substitute. Vermiculite Vs. Perlite. My plants are happy. Instead of using styrofoam or rocks, use perlite in the bottom of the pot to fill the extra volume without adding weight or chemicals to the soil. I use pumice (available at most/many garden stores) instead of perlite. I believe you can use all or any of these - the object is to improve drainage, but still retain moisture. Perlite is one of nature's best media for growing plants. Can you grow plants in just perlite? Perlite is widely used in potting soils, and any nursery should carry bags of it. Perlite lightweight concrete is used in many different applications. This product guide contains various mix designs for lightweight concrete, utilizing perlite as the primary aggregate, which may be used as stated or as a starting point for your own custom mixes. Horticultural perlite can be bought in different grades according to how you’re going to use it. For more information, check out this article on expanded clay from Wikipedia. If you looked at a piece of horticultural perlite under a microscope, you would see that it’s quite porous. If sterility is a concern, you can sterilize your perlite in 10 percent bleach solution. The perlite is so light, that my potted plants fall over all the time. Perlite is a good alternative to sand but it has drawbacks. Soaking these packing peanuts or broken bits of Styrofoam in a tub of water for several days can help you determine if the type you have breaks down or not. Reserve this type of perlite for use in extremely heavy soil. I cannot imagine hauling huge bags of rock upstairs to my apartment but I also don't want to fill 5 gallon buckets as well as other really large containers with mix unless its necessary. Perlite dust is dangerous to your health causing lung problems. Yes, perlite can be used again after it’s been used to grow plants. However, a year or two later the clay body began to get “pop outs”. I use the oil dry bag from Walmart, cost is $4.20 for a large bag. Karin Similarly, it is lightweight, but differently, and it compresses over time instead of retaining its airy properties. I use washed granite bits as the basis of all my soil. 9. I used both vermiculite and perlite in ceramics, mixed into my earthenware clay body when forming my pieces in slump molds. Then, cut the strips into half inch squares. If all else fails, you can upcycle it in many useful ways around the house instead of tossing the foamy, potentially-toxic plastic that takes hundreds of years to decompose. I do not have any experience with styrofoam and peat mixed together but what I do know is that styrofoam is made of polystyrene- a petrolium based plastic. What is perlite? To make your own perlite from styrofoam, just follow the instructions below: Clean foam trays by washing them with soap and then drying them. Wear a pair of protective glasses, gloves, and a dust mask if you are sensitive to fine particles floating around in the air. Oct 31, 2016 - How to Make Styrofoam Cement---USE SHREDDED - GRATED STYROFOAM INSTEAD OF PERLITE Waste polystyrene is a practically free substitute that works almost as well. Perlite can by used by itself, or mixed with other types of growing media's. Bear in mind that smaller and lower quality grades of perlite can kick up a bit of dust. Note: This mix results in a potting soil that is heavier than modern peat mixes, but still has good drainage. I now use it instead of Perlite and it works great! Put the squares into a blender with enough water so that the squares float to the top. It's slightly more expensive and a few garden stores don't carry it, but it's environmentally sound, you don't have to worry about inhaling pumice dust like you do perlite dust, and it doesn't crumble or break down over time. Then rinse the perlite thoroughly. You can use these baskets with any kind of media — soil-based, water culture, or media-culture hydroponics. You can call your local recycling center and ask if they accept polystyrene or #6 plastics, or use a search engine like Earth911 or Foam Facts to find out whether there is a polystyrene recycling drop-off site by you.. If you don't have peanuts, you can still break up larger pieces of Styrofoam and use them exactly the same way. However because perlite is so light that it floats, depending on how you designed your hydroponic system, perlite by itself may not be the best choice of growing media for flood and drain systems. 2 years ago. Both perlite and vermiculite have aerating effect, in fact perlite is better for aeration in the long run than vermiculite since it can hold it's structure better. Increase or decrease the amount of perlite as needed to achieve the desired insulation value and compressive strength. Could I just fill the bottom with Pine Bark Nuggets? most of the gardening and home improvement stores here only sells rice hulls instead of perlite., I hope you can provide me with the answer which is better or better yet what are the pros and cons of each one. As water runs right through the hole, they are easier to clean.

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