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Free delivery and returns on eBay Plus items for Plus members. Aeolian wasp: Pink Wasp bloom Bustle Type Foliage Standard: Alamo Butterfly: Semidouble to double in variable pinks, fuchsia and white standard: Baby's Breath: Single white star light pink patches Standard: Bashful: Semidouble White pansy If for any reason, they seem limp on arrival, float them in water for a few hours before putting them in your rooting mix. I do combine post, please wait for invoice before making payment. African violets are not the only one color anymore as there are multiple selections on sale for the perfect violet plant in your indoor garden. Violet blooms now come in many shapes and styles, stars, semi-doubles, doubles, ruffled, flat and are multi-colored from borders, speckled, stripped to solid. $39.99 $ 39. Mar 2, 2020 - Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for African violet Okie Easter Bunny pair of leaves at the best online prices at eBay! African Violet African Violet Information. Download my African violet growing tips. Splendiferous African Violet starter plant For sale. Message us to be added to our email list, to ensure that you receive advanced notice of our Shipping Season, new African Violet care articles, upcoming local events, where we display and sell our plants. 2. If the leaves lower on your African Violet are turning yellow, often the plant either isn’t being watered correctly or hasn’t been getting enough fertilizer. Posts navigation. Second-hand African Violet for sale on UK's largest auction and classifieds sites Page updated : 17 Nov 2020, 01:20. Affection - LEAF SET (NOT A FINISHED PLANT) Victorian Charm Series - light pink star blooms with lovely variegation. African violet leaves are packed 2 leaves per variety ordered. Located in … Free shipping for many products! African violets should be grown single-crowned. Sale. To make Monday post payment must be received by 2 pm Sunday. While grooming your African Violets, be on the look out for suckers. African violet leaves for sale it’s recommend to buy leaves for vegetative reproduction it’s easy to start, tips before buying it’s buy it when you have the requirements: well-drained soil, warm climate better 25C, shade, moist soil and humidity. Etransfer to hold. Pink Blooms. Jacks Classic African Violet 12-36-14 - 8 oz. Use our retailer database to find fresh Optimara violets in your local area. ALL VIOLET ORDERS OVER $75.- One of the most widely grown of all indoor plants, and readily available to buy online are the African Violets (Saintpaulia ionantha) and yes they were discovered in Africa, but have been highly hybridized for many years. This easy to use, slow-release capsule provides a simple way to bolster your violet's health. African Violet Leaves for Trade/Sale. Damaged leaves and flowers should be removed with a sharp knife. Also, keep your eyes out for leaves that are damaged. Regular price $9.03 Sale price from $3.01 Green Emerald Slotted Violet Pot. We grow our plants in a renovated barn, circa 1900, with an attached glasshouse and other buildings. Sale! Minimum order is $10.00 (4 packages of leaves). 5. 4. Our slotted pots are the ideal choice for African Violets because of their unique design. 3. 99 I have been growing African Violets since March 2001 and have a light stand and a table top stand as well. Micro African Violets may be smaller. Shipping available to 48 contiguous United States only. Introducing our unique African Violet lighting solution, the intelligent plant light. Made from tough, high-density, weatherproof polyurethane, the thick-walled planter helps insulate roots from scorching heat and frigid nights. For minis and semiminis, us a … More Details Growing plants in hollowed-out logs is a timeless tradition that brings rustic, natural beauty to your home and garden. 4IN Variegated/Mottled African Violet - Loyalty . Make sure to pot your African Violets in pots that drain well to prevent overwatering. Get the best deals on African Violet Houseplants. Next, inspect your African violets for spent blossoms. (2) This item is out of stock. Free draining mixes are only as good as the pot they are in. Plants may not be in bloom/bud. At Nadeau African Violets, we show you how to sow the seeds and grow them into beautiful flowers. Damaged leaves and flowers leave your African violet vulnerable to By trading leaves with friends and buying plants online I eventually accumulated over 200 different varieties. USPS shipments are delayed due to Covid this year, so any violet orders going north from Nashville will need a minimum of 40F night temperatures during the entire transit time (3-5 days) Up to 4 violets can go 2nd day air fedex but will have a surcharge. Violet Reflections on Facebook My name is Sonia Brock from Toronto, Ontario. Shop today! An African Violet soil mix which is too dense, retains water in the pot for longer periods of time which can result in root rot. To Order goto the ONLINE STORE Also a few substitutes are helpful in case I … Our African Violets are given extra room to grow both vertical and horizontal. Most standard African violets, grown as a houseplant, will require a 4-5″ pot at maturity. African... Read More. My violet journey began in 2009 when I bought my first African violet. Spent leaves and flowers encourage rot, which can spread to healthy parts of your African Violet. African Violet Leaves For-Sale. Fancy Bloomers : - Standards Miniatures / Semi-Miniatures Chimeras Leaves Fancy Bloomers' Own Hybrids Pots and Supplies Trailers Russian Gift Certificates Vintage New Arrivals Assorted Leaf Packs violets, flowers, plants, shop African Violet soil mix should be porous and provide adequate drainage. An African violet that does not bloom true this is about when an African violet leaf “throws” a different plant, called a “sport”. With over 45 drainage slots and a unique raised inner core, these pots are truly the perfect violet pot! Saintpaulia Flora Flowers African Violet Violets Pansies Succulents Leaves Plants Blue. : $35.95 List price: $39.95. African Violet plants have leaves which grow outwards from the center stalk in a layered radial/circular pattern. Related Plants. Repot all plants every 6-12 months. Orders are posted only on Mondays after funds cleared. Porch contactless pickup only. New for 2019: Victorian Charm Series - Optimara Loyalty with variegated/mottled foliage. Join our community and meet other African Violet fans and learn more about keeping your African Violet healthy and beautiful. Details. Note :Leaves are available through mail-order only . The plant is the exact one in the picture. $10.71 Fiskars Smooth Action Pruner. To Order goto my ONLINE STORE . African Violet Leaves For-Sale. African Violets: A popular blooming plant that grows in a rosette of fuzzy foliage that forms a circle around one central crown. $19.99 On sale $12.99 Out of Stock African Violet Semi miniature and miniature assortment 6 plants (0) Your Price: $40.00 ... African Violet Pow Wow 2 leaves Vintage (1) Sale. EarthPods Premium African Violet Plant Food - Easy Organic Fertilizer Spikes - 100 Capsules - Increases Flower Bloom + Leaves (Great for All Blooming Indoor Houseplants, Ecofriendly) 4.6 out of 5 stars 646. This mutation in an African Violet Sport is a change that exhibits physical characteristics indicative of the genetic change in that variety It may be a sometimes dramatic color change of the flower or leaves. Violet is not the only color any more as single five petal blooms are not the only selection. EXCEPT WHERE INDICATED AS "THE PLANT SHOWN IN PHOTO IS THE PLANT FOR SALE" PLANTS MAY OR... African Violets by Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses, Online Store Most African violets look best with no more than 5 rows of leaves. Suppliesare shipped all year long. While researching how to care for it I discovered a world of gorgeous plants and an amazing network of hobbyist friends. FYI: We typically bring specifically requested plants to an event, for our pre-order customers. The most important thing is to use a good seed germination. Compared to a real log, this planter is so much easier to plant and maintain -- and it's better for plants, too! Bouquets of blooms develop with the right conditions and gardener's patience. Potting. $4.50 On sale $3.50 In Stock African Violet Ness Cranberry Swirl Chimera plant in 2" or 3" pot (0) Sale. Leaves are $2.50 for a package of two. The plant comes in a 2 1/8″ or 2 1/2″ round plastic pot and typically have a 2+ inch spread (leaves). Often seen as ‘old fashioned’ they are in fact very much in demand and are available for sale both online and at retail nurseries. If you’re seeing yellow leaves at the top of your African Violet, chances are it’s just because the leaf is about to die off to create space for new foliage to grow. 69 ads • Refresh. Shop with Afterpay on eligible items. No pest known. A more lighter African Violet soil mix, can allow the water to flow/drain through the pot easily and prevent packed dense soggy soil. Welcome to, the Internet's best resource for all things African Violet. We hybridize many of our own plants–are famous for our ‘Rob’s’ and ‘Ma’s’ series of African violets, and our ‘Bristol’s’ series of gesneriads (African violet relatives). from $1.99 White Pearl Slotted Violet Pot. We do not crowd our plants together to increase volume. No refunds on overpayment of postage, credit given in goods. Spent leaves and flowers encourage rot that, under the right conditions, can spread to healthy parts of your African violets. Shipping and handling is $8.00 for 4 to 12 packages of leaves, or $12.00 for more than 12 packages. Saved by Priscilla Fisher. For sale 6 fresh leaves of African Violet A1, A3, A13, V41, V45, V46 (see photos). 1. 99. To Order goto the ONLINE STORE. Shipping Season: mid/late April - Mid Sept I live in Spokane, WA and we have very COLD Winters. Mkono 3 Pack Self Watering Planter African Violet Pots Plastic White Flower Plant Pot with Wick Rope for All House Plants, Flowers, Herbs, Medium 4.3 out of 5 stars 1,306 $14.99 $ 14 .

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