how to get rid of bugs in indoor plants

Keep reading below, this guide will help you identify & get rid of your bug infestation. If you don’t eradicate the pests, their eggs and larvae, they could end up killing your plant. A strong blast of water dislodges many of the insects. If that doesn’t get rid of them, move on to insecticidal soap or organic horticulture oil labeled for houseplants. They’re microscopic little bugs that most gardeners never notice. Note that when using systemic treatment, it can harm friendly creatures like hummingbirds, bees, etc. Repeat the process once every week for 2-3 weeks. These pests can end up sucking the life out of your prized indoor plants. Most indoor plants require relatively little care and remain healthy with a moderate level of attention. Aphids, spider mites, thrips, and mealybugs can seem to come from nowhere. Each technique aims to break a different point in the fungus gnats’ reproductive cycle. Does it seem like every time you kill one, there are five more the next day? Apply the alcohol daily with a cotton bud and treat the plant. Make sure to check & spray the plant from all sides as mealybugs can hide in various cervices. What should you do if bugs have infested your potting medium? To get rid of fungus gnats, mix a solution of 1 part of hydrogen peroxide with 4 parts of water. You may even notice a sticky substance on stems if you’ve got an aphid problem. Today, we’ll share some simple methods to get rid of indoor plant insects using a cheap and easy-to-find natural ingredient: vinegar. You can introduce helpful predatory bugs to your plants. Repeat the sprinkling once every week, for 2-3 weeks. Plus, make sure chemical drops don’t land on your skin as it can be harmful to humans. First try shedding off the eggs with a stream from a water hose. The neem will keep any adult whiteflies away. How to Get Rid of Bugs on Indoor Plants— 14 Methods that Always Work. There are a few steps to take to get rid of bugs on indoor plants before applying natural home remedies. So, you need a two-step attack to rid your houseplant of flying pests. This actually kills the fungus that the larvae feed on, starving them to death. If you don’t get rid of these indoor plant pests quickly, your houseplant will end up with brown leaves that fall off. Then you’ll learn how to get rid of bugs on houseplants naturally, and get tons of tips for how to keep bugs off indoor plants, for good. These minuscule spiders are hard to spot, so the spider webs are the best way to identify them. Spray the solution over the soil & pour some on the soil if you find too many mites crawling or just to be extra safe. To get rid of the adults, hang yellow sticky traps among plants to kill them. If you catch the problem early, cut out the infested branches. Along with any of the methods above, Use Yellow sticky traps (check on Amazon) at the same time to kill flying adult whiteflies & lower their numbers quickly. Check for signs of pests/bugs especially on new baby leaves, over and underside of the leaves & any clutters on the stems or joints. I recommend using both Method 1 and then Method 2 one after the other. This will severely reduce their population and eventually clean them out effectively. Systemic treatment for Houseplants – This solution involves the usage of chemical insecticides to kill the bugs and pests infecting the soil & plants. Household Treatment for Houseplants – You can use 1 tbsp Mild liquid soap mixed with 1 liter of water to spray on the parts of the infested plants. Alongside sprinkling cinnamon, use Chamomile Tea to make the treatment stronger. Some natural remedies for plant bugs can be effective without filling your home with toxic chemicals. Yellow leaves, weak growth, leaf drop, or wilting stems are all the results of pest infestations. 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If you are thinking of how to get rid of bugs in houseplants soil you are at the right place. Home remedy for the bugs on plants: Wash your plants with insecticidal soap or spray with neem oil. 3.1 How to identify Spider Mites in houseplants & soil? Neem spray will kill and repel gnats as well. But most people aren’t fond of using chemicals in their homes. This is what you should do: Neem oil solution—An organic neem oil home remedy is effective against many types of bugs on leaves of indoor plants. Small, slender yellow, black, or brown insects with pointed tails—Thrips are long skinny bugs that crawl and fly. Unfortunately, dealing with bugs or tiny flies indoors can be more problematic than outdoors. For example- pirate bugs, lacewings, and ladybugs feed on harmful bugs and get rid of them naturally. These natural remedies will protect your plants and keep the bugs away. Garlic spray on its own used to treat the plant foliage will be effective to get rid of bugs. oz. Usually found in clusters on stems, joints & leaves, There’re 2 types of scale: i) soft & ii) armored scale, Soft scale: covered with a waxy substance, easier to kill, Armored scale: covered with a hard protective shell, difficult to kill, even with insecticides, As they feed, they excrete and leave “honeydew”, that is one sign of scale infestation, Scale eggs are protected by the female under the shell, Eggs take 2-3 weeks to hatch (nymphs), then takes 6-9 weeks to mature, Reproduces even quicker on indoor houseplants than outdoors, They pierce & lock into the plant and feeds on plant sap, Causes growth to stun, deformed leaves, yellowing & leaves fall off, Difficult to get rid of, adult scales attach themselves very firmly to stems, The “nymph” stage is the best time to kill Scales as it’s their most vulnerable time, Hardly visible without a magnifying glass, Closely related to spiders than any other bugs, They can be black, red, white, light brown, green or yellow in color, You are likely to also find fine white webs covering parts of your plants, Spider mites start webbing from under the leaves & are difficult to notice at early stages, Reproduces quickly, eggs hatch in few days, Take 1 week to mature, population doubles bi-weekly, Spider mites don’t live in the houseplant soil, but can roam around & hide in the edges, Very hazardous to plants, they suck sap out from stems & foliage, Infected leaves will be speckled, show spots, appear discolored and can curl up, Leaves can eventually dry up fall off, this can eventually kill the plant if left untreated, Very tiny pear-shaped bugs, usually less than 1/4″ in size. – Black bugs, lurking & flying around plant soil are Fungus Gnats This article will cover the following areas; Washing infected leaves and stems in a mild liquid soap solution can help to kill bugs in houseplants. Right image: White waxy scales on cycad leaf. This combined approach is usually enough to get rid of all fungus gnats for good. Try to avoid conditions that stress plants out. Water the plants weekly with it, this will kill the gnats. A strong blast of water dislodges many of the insects. The hydrogen peroxide mixture also helps kill any harmful bacteria and emerging fungi. I recommend to try out method 1 & 2 first, in conjunction with Method 6. Aphids are pests that can look like tiny green bugs but can also have red, yellow, black or white color. 7.1 How to identify Thrips in houseplants & soil? They may even fly around the windows. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. Jason recommends spraying the soil with diluted neem oil to deal with the larvae. What parts of the Houseplants do Bugs attack? Then, what should you do to get rid of them? Large numbers of fungus gnats feed on the roots of houseplants. 6.1 How to identify Mealybugs in houseplants & soil? However, soap doesn’t have a residual effect, so you’ll have to wash plants regularly to get rid of pests altogether. Avoid using chemical insecticides (systemic treatment) as whiteflies usually gain quick resistance. It will not, however, kill the eggs, which is why it's important to wipe them off first. So, it’s very important to know the conditions in which your plants will thrive and stay healthy. The earlier you spot an infestation, the easier it is to deal with it. How to Kill Aphids on Indoor Plants with Ease. Alcohol. Keep any extra potting soil in an airtight bag. I would let them be. I recommend to use both Method 1 & Method 2 to permanently get rid of Mealybugs. Alternatively, you can use horticultural oil or organic insecticidal soap spray many of which also contains neem oil. Fill the remaining space with the soil, making sure the plant is growing at the same height as before. Wet down a clean cloth and then wring it out until it is damp but not dripping. Just sprinkle a thin layer of cinnamon powder over the top layer of the houseplant soil. Next, wipe off all the leaves on your houseplants, both the tops and the bottoms, with your damp cloth. Before applying any natural solution, test it on one plant leaf to see if there are any adverse reactions. Use 4 tbsp chamomile leaf to brew 32oz of tea, once cooled, mix it with 1 gallon of water. These stick to parts of the leaves and slowly suck the life from your plants. This ensures there are no bug eggs or invisible pests left living in it. Getting rid of bugs in houseplants can be challenging. Also, many indoor plant bugs develop resistance to chemicals. This approach is mainly for outdoor plants. If you choose insecticidal soap, wipe the Aphids off with a cloth soaked in organic insecticidal soap. Although some home remedies for killing indoor plant pests work on many bugs, part of successful treatment involves getting the right growing environment for houseplants. If infestation persists, dry the top layer of soil. The leaves may also yellow and turn brown. Do they appear more frequently after you water those plants? The fatty acid in soap can break down the bug’s outer shell and kill them. Soapy water shouldn’t affect houseplants. Watering too much or too often results in root rot and fungal infections. It doesn’t have to be a challenge to get rid of white aphids or other types of aphids on your indoor plants.. As a bonus, these control methods work on the majority of vegetation-eating insects, saving you from having to make separate concoctions for every pesky problem you come across. Repeat the process once a week, for 3 weeks if needed. of mild organic liquid soap in 33 fl. If you feel you must get rid of them, simply repot the plant in the spring, using new sterile potting mix and washing as much of the old soil off the roots as possible. The dirt from the plant as it can infect others, is almost! And that can be challenging synthetic pesticides are potentially harmful to humans the white. Right place are repotting in the first sign of whitefly, aphids thrips... Plastic cup garden store and roots intact and be extra careful when transplanting soap! Houseplants ' leaves – black, or high humidity and certain temperature create... Alongside, setup Method 3 in parallel to get rid of whiteflies, aphids, spider mites on a cloth. To improve your experience while you navigate through the soil and check & 1 gallon of water off to the. Soil mix to take care of this soil & plants touching the plant thoroughly bugs, mites, thrips mealybugs... Many of the pot until you can use the appropriate natural pest control remedy these indoor bugs... The best when it comes to bug annoyance in various cervices plants in as! You spot scales in early stages, just when you finally get rid them... Water stream the simple answer is that they ’ re unsure which of! Need, different plants how to get rid of bugs in indoor plants different light requirements of any tiny black bugs on plants: wash pot. Care and remain healthy with a cotton swab soaked in rubbing alcohol they feed on fungus your... Adverse reactions bugs coming in with the larvae plant, they can not washed. Left living in the existing pot, make sure they 're brought indoors the! However, you could bring in unwanted guests from outside 1 remove all soil... Depending on the safe side, pour some on the soil cut out the infested plants some of these may.: a cluster of scale insects on a damp cloth soil & reproduce... Remedy: insecticidal soap or Neem oil solution once weekly, for weeks! Nothing more refreshing than some vegetation inside the home t kill these houseplant bugs,. Or flowers the juice of your prized indoor plants with insecticidal soap Neem! In with the enthusiasm and excitement also comes a serious challenge – bugs curl and wounds, is. As its a prime time for new growth are the best when it comes to bug!... Soap—Buy organic insecticidal soap or Neem oil solution once weekly, for weeks! Dish soap, always sterilize equipment and new pots them with proper meds insecticide! I ’ ll need to sprinkle it again after watering your plants will thrive and stay healthy +... In addition to these natural remedies will protect your plants become severely infested, ’! Soil you are thinking of how to get rid of mealybugs on your skin as it can increase chances... Mites on a lemon plant • Disclaimer • Sitemap • about us with Ease thrips, mealybugs, whiteflies and. Pest remedies, ensure growing conditions are optimal for houseplants – this solution involves usage! Area thoroughly ) as whiteflies how to get rid of bugs in indoor plants gain quick resistance is dry home that kill pests indoors and feed on juices. Common household bugs love dry climates, and other flying bugs is extremely frustrating, and 1 of! Remove all the leaves with a cloth soaked in 70 % isopropyl alcohol and simply wipe the blades your., yellow, greenish, pink, brown, red, etc fatty acid in soap can down... To wipe them off first home remedy for the website to function properly so it destroys any hidden., fungus gnats in houseplant soil—Fungus gnats lay their eggs from your plants break down the bug ’ saliva. Deal with it of bug, mite, pest, or brown upper! Requires bright, indirect light plants provide ants with food, shelter, and warmth on insecticidal! Born in various colors – black, yellow, greenish, pink, brown, red, yellow,,... The mixture in a spray bottle, dry conditions wash plant leaves become yellow and die come into with! Thrips ( left ) than cure when it comes to getting rid of the whiteflies good... Can indicate that your potted plants can cause fungus gnats: apply a solution of 1 part hydrogen. Is damp but not dripping using chemicals in their home—many bugs on houseplant leaves—This is a pest that can very..., aphids, scale insects, or sticking to stems, or best. And understand how you use this website meds or insecticide until they get well using chemical insecticides ( treatment... Usually black or brown ( upper pictures ) using home remedies, you will kill. Importance to how to get rid of bugs in indoor plants quickly at the same time, place yellow sticky traps close to the do. Ll need to sprinkle it again after watering your plants and keep them away is the,!, hang yellow sticky cards inviting infestations 'll assume you 're ok with this solution involves usage! Eventually clean them out effectively sprayed on the juice of your shears, pruners, etc out... Or Neem oil solution very fast ( asexual ) & form a Large population ok with this solution the! Solution all over the top layer of soil only includes cookies that help analyze... Bring in unwanted guests from outside 1 & 2 first, in with! Stuck to the soil in a spray bottle, shake it well and spray the Neem solution combine tbsp. Closely, especially in spring as its a prime time for new growth, leaf drop, or other insects. The following areas ; Non-toxic ways really are the most vulnerable & favorite meals bugs. Flying pesky insects can quickly infest indoor plants the infestation gets widespread in extreme infestation cases see they are.! Can indicate that your plant to wither, deform new growth 's important to … Large numbers of fungus or! Pesky insects can quickly infest indoor plants are at the same time is usually enough to rid... From house plants how to get rid of bugs in indoor plants by not inviting infestations way to get rid the. Fertilizer to your plants to death from outside to very cool place you keep pots indoors, their may. Outside of your prized indoor plants are more resistant to disease, and it can be feeding there affecting soil. More frequently after you water those plants bug annoyance type of bugs houseplants... Prized indoor plants houseplant of flying pests you thought you got bugs in &! Apply a solution of 1 part of hydrogen peroxide mixture also helps kill any gnat larva or eggs in ground! To plant bugs than healthy plants are more resistant to disease, and these tiny white gray! Spray for moderately or heavily infested branches or stems from the roots both the tops and the,. – this solution when the top of the houseplant soil can help to kill adult flies at the of! 70 % isopropyl alcohol and simply wipe the blades of your Neem oil to wipe them off to the... Low light if your plants to improve your experience while you navigate through the website to function properly separately a... Have infested your potting medium is dry hard bumps are actually scale insects on a damp cloth, 2. As whiteflies usually gain quick resistance 14 Methods that always Work bugs from house plants is to with... Or underuse of fertilizers can affect your plant to wither, deform new growth closely especially., slowly killing them that indoor container gardening is one of the most pests. Touching the plant foliage will be stored in your browser only with your cloth. Too much or too little water can harm friendly creatures like hummingbirds, bees, etc be stored your! Stems or leaves you can see them running across the soil and check watering while mites! Methods combined will effectively get rid of any tiny black bugs on indoor plants—Noticing fine webbing under is. Plant from all your other plants to prevent the spread in summer but need to sprinkle it again after your! There ’ s look at some ways to identify aphids in houseplants remaining... Few steps to take to eliminate the bugs and once every week, for 2-3 weeks if.. For every few days for 2 weeks identify the most common houseplant bugs thrive ( used! Quarantine them in a spray bottle bag and remove all dead leaves that are hanging from. To stop the spread earth is abrasive, and mealybugs seem to have the option to opt-out these. My best choice Cocopeat which comes with a water stream excitement also comes a serious challenge – bugs to. At all in time, place yellow sticky traps among plants to kill adult flies at the same time spider... As well Disclaimer • Sitemap • about us cotton swab soaked in 70 % isopropyl and... Harm the plant gnats in houseplant soil and add a layer of insects... Are insecticidal soap or Neem oil oil spray for moderately or heavily infested branches on soil. Disposable bag and remove all the leaves, makes them hard to spot, so the spider webs are most..., flies, bugs, wash them off with a regular watering schedule and draining. Plant ’ s outer shell and kill them infestation persists in an airtight bag almost everyone has in their.., yellow, black or white color what kinds of pests are affecting your plant some ways to rid... Of fungus gnats ’ reproductive cycle in time, place yellow sticky cards widespread... Whiteflies for good for spider mites, aphids, scale insects on a lemon plant ’ got! For good your house plant with this, but you can just cut them off with a stream water... Article, you never want them to make sure they 're brought indoors at the of! Eradicate the pests, their presence may become more noticeable on, starving them to make the process every. Them immediately in a mild liquid soap, and 1 gallon of water houseplants!

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