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This is a frame you typically find on a garden tractor. Steering the John Deere X330 requires little effort, and it has a 14-inch diameter steering wheel for improved leverage. The display even blinks when the fuel level is low. call or visit ag pro crystal river fl. The John Deere MowerPlus smart connector wirelessly links a Select Series™ X300 or X500 Tractor to the MowerPlus app on a mobile device. Learn more about this lawn tractor in the list below. May it be thick grass, or thin, slippery or dry ground, nothing stands in the way of the superb performance rendered by this machine, without any hassle to the operator., Built by John Deere in Horicon, Wisconsin: Features a hydrostatic transmission with Twin Touch™ forward and reverse foot pedals, welded 12-gauge steel frame, easy-to-read electronic fuel gauge and display, exact adjust deck leveling system, 15-in. COMPARISON: Read our review of the 2017 John Deere X730 As mentioned above, X300 tractors come with a heavier-duty frame (12 gauge) that is significantly heavier than the frame on E and D series tractors. Engines used in X300 tractors include those made by Briggs & Stratton and Kawasaki. We use cookies to improve your experience on this website and so that ads you see online can be tailored to your online browsing interests. Don't just read John Deere Lawn Mower reviews. The John Deere X330 tractor used an air-cooled twin-cylinder four-stroke Briggs & Stratton 44J677 gasoline engine with vertical PTO-shaft. Owing that mower decks sometimes encounter rigid, fixed objects and can get knocked out of whack, the decks used on X300 series tractors can be adjusted (leveled) for side-by-side and front-to-back height from the operator seat, using a tool stored underneath the seat. That degree of added metal and heft carries throughout and yields a machine that is 77 to 115 lbs heavier. open-back seat, low-effort two-wheel steer, cruise control, foot pedal lift system, cup holder, under the seat and covered toolbox storage, and optional MulchControl™ with one-touch technology, The 22-hp‡ (16.4-kW) V-Twin John Deere Cyclonic engine has plenty of power to handle tough mowing, bagging, mulching and snow removal conditions (, Mow well fast with the 42-in. The X330 is powered by a 20-hp (14.9-kW) cyclonic V-twin engine, providing the necessary power and torque to take on tough tasks around the yard such as mulching and mowing. This means the transmission has an internal (non-accessible) oil filter, no fill or drain for the hydrostatic fluid meant to last the duty life of the tractor, and is therefore not suited for heavy ground-engaging tasks. The tractor is not as user friendly to maintain the exterior as it could be. The 2018 John Deere X330 is matched to the Accel 42” Deep mower deck. 2013 John Deere X300 Stock Number 555 Drive Type 2wd Fuel Type gas Horse Power 17 Horse Power (PTO) 15 Hours 555 Transmission hydrostatic Width 38 Description John Deere X300 with kawasaki engine. So much so that I snapped one up for myself. A wash port is included to help keep underside grass build-up to a minimum. Engine RPM and cold weather choke are by dash-mounted levers, with the choke spring loaded so it returns to off position as soon as the engine starts. life is always better when you have the best compact …. The right footwell houses the abovementioned hydrostatic control and brake pedals, the left footwell carries the pedal used to raise/lower the mower deck (more on this below). Turn radius is 16”, and with the 42” deck the X330 comes with, equates to an uncut circle of just 26”. (107-cm) twin blade Accel Deep™ mower deck with electric PTO blade engagement, engineered to process tall grass at faster speeds in 1-in. John Deere X330 comes with 15×6-6 front and 20×10-8 rear turf tires, is 72” long by 50.5” wide (38” with mower deck removed), and is 47” high. Given the code 44J6, the 2-cylinder 44.2 cubic inch mill makes 20 horsepower, has electronic ignition, and a Cyclonic air filter that keeps fine dust particles from entering the engine and leading to premature wear. COMPARISON: Read our review of the 2017 John Deere X730. to 4-in. (107-cm) mower deck (X300, X304) or X300 Tractors shipped less deck require the AM136646 lift-assist spring kit. X300 Select Series™ of ride-on mowers with seat & deck height adjustment feature & V-twin engines. We’ll also note some K46 owners have come up with clever methods of draining and replacing the hydraulic fluid, but generally those so inclined have been those using their tractors for more extreme tasks than they were intended for. X300 Series Tractors with foot lift and shipped with a 38-in. The dash includes controls for throttle/choke, deck height lock, reverse implement option (RIO), cruise control, park brake, ignition and lights, and digital readout for functions such as fuel level, park brake engagement, engine hours, system voltage, and power take-off (PTO) engagement. John Deere X330. We’ve reviewed tractors from both series, but with springtime mowing season (for most) a few months away, we wanted to review the X330 that the X300 series begins with. The John Deere 100 Series is your introduction to the John Deere lawn tractor lineup. COMPARISON: Read our review of the 2017 Cub Cadet XT2 LX42″ EFI. The main points to consider are that X300 series tractors come with heavier-duty frames, heavier-duty transmissions, better engines (the S240 does come with Kawasaki power), beefier and easier to use deck lift mechanisms, and for most, a more comfortable hydrostatic control pedal arrangement. The K46 has approximately 25% greater torque rating than the TLT transmissions used on E and D series tractors. Above the hydrostatic controls is a brake pedal that is basically used to set the park brake, with the tractor coming to a halt just by taking one’s foot off the forward or reverse pedal. The 350 is a high quality lawn tractor at an attractive price. In essence, there is no clear winner of who you ought to gravitate toward. understand …, In last week’s Subcompact Tractor Comparison – Part 1, T…, Subcompact tractors, or SCUTs as they are often called, are …, It’s no surprise the Mahindra 1500 series has been one of …, Rural 2018 John Deere X350 Review welcome to our website for the latest compact tractor reviews, ratings, prices and comparisons. It comes with a V-twin ITorque ™ power supply system and … The John Deere X330 garden tractor has been produced from 2016. ask for dalton!! It has a width of 0.96 m (38 inches) and is 1.09 m (43 inches) high at … As mentioned above, X300 tractors come with a heavier-duty frame (12 gauge) that is significantly heavier than the frame on E and D series tractors. These affordable lawn tractors are comfortable and user-friendly, designed for basic all-around lawn care. The John Deere X330 is a lawn and garden tractor from the John Deere X-series. Control over the infinitely variable 0-5.5 forward and 0-4 mph reverse speed range is by twin side-by-side pedals located on the right footwell, a setup that gets high praise for modulation, comfort, and intuitive feel. The X330 features large 724-cc displacement.In compariso… Updated: Tue, Dec 22, 2020 12:22 PM. During the production period, this tractor was equipped with different engines: Kawasaki FH491V, FS541V, FS600V. If you’re seeking increased capabilities from a residential mower, the next step-up is the John Deere X300 Select Series. Further complicating tractor hunter’s choices is the S240 Sport we tested in 2015, a tractor with some X300 niceties, but based on the D series underpinnings. For a homeowner looking for a mowing tractor that is something more than offered by the box stores, the John Deere X330 is worth looking into. The John Deere X300 lawnmower is still a big machine even though it’s the smallest model in the JD X300 series of mowers. I use the optional grass catcher without a problem unless the grass is wet. I live on a hill and have has no problems with wheel slip. The John Deere X300 is a lawn and garden tractor from the John Deere X-series. Wet grass tends to block the catcher inlet chute, but I normally don't mow wet grass, so this is rarely a problem. Had my X300 for 5 years and have not had problem with it beyond normal wear and tear. It is powered by a Kawasaki V Twin, gasoline engine. 2018 John Deere X330 Review. The X330 transmission is a Tuff Torq K46 hydrostatic (automatic) unit which is a non-serviceable transmission. The John Deere X300 series lawn tractors are a step up from John Deere’s base series, their E series tractors.Some of the big features and big advantages you get with the X300 series are a much heavier structural frame. Slipping into the two-piece seat with coil spring suspension, 15” mid-height back, 7” of travel, the operator is treated to an uncluttered control arrangement with color-coded levers and a useful digital readout. I believe the design of the accel deep deck places the blades too low in the deck. Find out which John Deere models made the grade before checking out. Whether thick grass or thin, slippery or dry ground, nothing stands in the way of the excellent performance of this car without problems for the operator. And while E and D series tractors also utilize Briggs & Stratton powerplants, the engines are not as heavy-duty as the Intek Cyclonic series, such as used in the X330. John deere X390 Tractor Specs,Price,Features and Reviews; Final Word. The exquisite John Deere x350 is known as “Beauty, and the Beast” rolled into one. If you buy, get the mulch kit. It’s 2 cylinder engine has a displacement of 0.7 liters and is air cooled. "When cutting with the standard blades that come with the 42" John Deer x300, if my grass was even just very slightly long I would get rows and rows of..." Read Full Review >> Well Pleased with My X300 … We use data about you for a number of purposes explained in the links below. It weighs in at 227 kg (501 lbs) and measures 1.82 m (72 inches) long. The X300 series is portion of the John Deere riding mowers that belongs to a selected series that is counted as a range of mowers that are more reliable than ever before released. For a homeowner looking for a mowing tractor that is something more than offered by the box stores, the John Deere X330 would be well worth consideration, and would make for a good opportunity to stop by and meet that local dealer who might just become a best friend. Both are rubber isolated for comfort. John Deere 3033R TLB Long-Term Review: Wrap Up. Tractor handles great, don't buy weights to mow until you are sure you need them. Three different blades are offered for bagging, mulching and side discharge mowing. Steering is manual, using a fixed 14” diameter wheel, but John Deere has figured how to get near-power steering effortlessness into its heavy-duty sector and pinion system. The John Deere X300 garden tractor was produced at the John Deere Horicon Works plant (Horicon, Wisconsin, USA) from 2006 to 2015. 48-in. John Deere warrants the X330 with 4-year/300-hour coverage. 2020 brand new john deer x330 42 inch deck with a powerfull 20hp engine. The 49.4” wheelbase aids the tight turn radius and tractor stability. 38 inch cutting deck. I have owned 2 lawn tractors before this one, the last one was the X300, and they both bagged better than this tractor. The John Deere X300 series is a seven-tractor lineup with 11 possibilities when you factor in the mower deck size options. The air filter cover can be easily removed thanks to two conveniently-placed knobs. John Deere X350 ride-on mower review A premium product with a whole lot to offer, the X350 is well suited to serious lawn care devotees. snow blade. The John Deere X350 Reviews is matched to the Accel 42 Deep mower deck. There is also the ability to lock the deck at a raised transport position. AM136646 lift-assist spring kit is not compatible with tractor models equipped with hydraulic lift … Whether managing 5,000 acres or five, Americans New John Deere X330 Riding Mower w/ attachments and implements. Implements matched to the X330 include a bagger, front-mount thatcher, 44” snow/light grading blade, 44” two-stage snowblower, several tow-behind or rear mount sprayers and spreaders, soft side weather enclosure, several utility carts (metal and poly), and a 40” tractor shovel that operates in a clamshell motion and emulating that of a grapple. There are no handgrip rails on either fender. Meyer Implement Co. Wrapping up my John Deere vs Husqvarna riding mower review. We should point out that with the mulch kit installed and the baffle open to side discharge, approximately 1/3 of the material is still mulched, so if mowing in heavy, wet grass is an only option, the mulch kit might not be the best choice. Onboard fuel is 3.3 gallons and is accessed by a wide-mouth cap/fill tube conveniently located on the left fender. At the upper end of the series, a prospective purchaser would find an overlap with the X500 series that they would have to consider. That said, many K46-equipped tractors are out there with many hours on them with their homeowners correspondingly happy. With rugged power and precision, the John Deere X330 is built to help you create the perfect, even cut. View the full range here & contact your local John Deere dealer today! A cupholder and storage tray on the right fender round things out. Cut height is set by a rotary knob with (13) 0.25” adjustments from 1” to 4”. The abovementioned raise/lower pedal is low-effort, which can further be improved with an optional spring-assist kit. The John Deere X300, John Deere X304, and John Deere X310 sport twin-cylinder Kawasaki engines, considered among the longest-lasting; … Both the American brand (John Deere) and the Swedish brand (Husqvarna) have a lot to offer as individual brands. cut height selections in 1/4-in. (97-cm) or 42-in. It bags about 3/4 of the clippings and debris and throws the rest everywhere. Competitive prices, financing, and JD Certified service available 800-745-4020 This is a 12-gauge, 2-blade side-discharge deck that is mulch compatible with an optional single-lever baffle-control mulch kit. john deere X330 changed into the most famous and famous tractor inside the past several years. Its 16-inch turning radius allows you to easily maneuver the machine around the yard. Durable Frame. COMPARISON: Read our review of the 2018 Snapper Pro S200xt Professional. But this article is only going to focus on the JD X320 garden tractor lawn mower. The John Deere X320 is a part of the JD X300 series that includes the John Deere X324 and John Deere X360 lawn mowers. What is required is on your part you undertake extensive research on riding mowers. Excellent smooth running machine I purchased my x300 42 inch deck through the JD dealer in Bowling Green, Ky. Had known someone there for a long time, and he was of great help to me. The X300 series is exclusively found at John Deere dealers, and is not available to box stores who also sell the entry-level E and D series tractors. Front steering spindles are greaseable and there are ball joints of the tie rod ends. I recently purchased a JD X300 with rear bagger. John Deere X300 series tractors currently have MSRPs that range from $2999 (X330) all the way to $6099 (X394). The abovementioned raise/lower pedal is low-effort, which can further be improved with an optional spring-assist kit. The 542 lb. There's a hell of a lot to like about John Deere's X350 lawn tractor. Accel Deep™ mower deck; Lever-action or electric one-touch MulchControl™ Cyclonic V … increments. Ease of maintenance is built into X300 tractors, with the one-piece hood lifting high to access the battery, Cyclonic air filter, fuel filter, oil fill, and for oil changes, a flexible drain tube with sealer cap and spin-on oil filter. The smart connector transmits engine usage to the app, making it easy to track maintenance intervals. It had wonderful power with enough features so it’s referred to as bull of tractor. The cyclonic air system removes any larger particles of dirt before they can come in contact with the filter. The X330 is one of the John Deere movers that are considered more reliable than ever. Spindles are greaseable, with flip up shields protecting componentry. John Deere 44-inch Snow Blower for 2016 and later X300 Series Tractors and Model X570 Tractor The 44-inch Snow Blower has the capacity to handle big snow removal jobs: Works well in all snow conditions and is suited for snow removal around recreational parks, industrial parks, and other applications where snow must be moved greater distances Hi knight1 I have both motors in two different lawn tractors and the Kawi is in my zero turn John Deere with a 54 inch deck , and the Briggs is in a Murray wide body with 38 inch deck I like the Kawi better , the tourge is better in the Kawi then the Briggs , how I know this is cause I test drove the Deere with both motors in it and liked the Kawi better . Current offers include $500 savings and 4.9% interest, with zero interest if paid off in 12 months. mulching kit. That degree of added metal and heft carries throughout and yields a machine that is 77 to 115 lbs heavier. It's hard to clean up and wax. Key Features: Compare our John Deere Lawn Mower ratings. By continuing to browse our site you agree to our use of data and cookies. This is a 12-gauge, 2-blade side-discharge deck that is mulch compatible with an optional single-lever baffle-control mulch kit.

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