cognitive flexibility inventory questionnaire

Rumination and impaired cortisol recovery following a social stressor in adolescent depression. As expected, the CCFQ was correlated with the Cognitive Flexibility Inventory, suggesting some degree of content overlap between the two questionnaires. Self-control in decision-making involves modulation of the vmPFC valuation system. Specifically, the CCFQ explicitly and directly focused on the (negative) cognitive and emotional states elicited by a stressful situation, and the cognitive control processes required to regulate these responses. The Kaiser measure of sampling adequacy was.94 and Bartlett’s Test of Sphericity was χ2(153) = 3322.95, p < 0.001. Infrequent engagement in reappraisal processes, or difficulty in doing so, can result in the maintenance of negative affect and has been related to elevated symptoms of depression (Gross and John, 2003; Joormann and Gotlib, 2010). Child. Click Here: What permission is there: 3 Application Required: Further Notes: Previous copyright holders Ammons Scientific have been acquired by Sage Journals. Natl. Cognitive Therapy of Depression. Impact of gender, menstrual cycle phase, and oral contraceptives on the activity of the hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal axis. doi: 10.1210/edrv.21.1.0389, Shields, G. S., Sazma, M. A., and Yonelinas, A. P. (2016). J. Cognitive reappraisal increases neuroendocrine reactivity to acute social stress and physical pain. It’s a matter of time: reframing the development of cognitive control as a modification of the brain’s temporal dynamics. doi: 10.1080/0014013031000061640, Cheng, C., Lau, H. P. B., and Chan, M. P. S. (2014). “Stress: appraisal and coping,” in Encyclopedia of Behavioral Medicine, eds Marc Gellman and J. Rick Turner (New York, NY: Springer), 1913–1915. Generally, cognitive control refers to the ability to focus on information that is currently relevant to a particular goal, while inhibiting information that is not relevant (Morton et al., 2011). In addition to assessing the use of this form of reappraisal (“I manage my thoughts or feelings by reframing the situation.”), the appraisal and coping flexibility subscale CCFQ, measures perspective-taking (e.g., considering a situation from multiple viewpoints) as a form of modifying appraisals associated with a stressful situation. doi: 10.1146/annurev.clinpsy.121208.131305, Grant, D. A., and Berg, E. A. Neurosci. Acute Stressor Effects on Cognitive, Affective, and Cortisol Responses: Moderating Role of the CCFQ,, Creative Commons Attribution License (CC BY). doi: 10.1023/A:1005591412406. Each participant completed Enrich marital satisfaction scale, cognitive flexibility inventory, morningness-eveningness questionnaire and short form of cognitive emotion regulation questionnaire. This consisted of participants being asked to subtract by 17, beginning with the number 1762. Dynamic systems theory as a paradigm for the study of change in psychotherapy: an application to cognitive therapy for depression. Lazarus, R. S. (1999). There are cognitive tasks and self-report questionnaires for this, like the disexecutive questionnaire (DEX), which is best suited for clinical populations. Thus, in line with the findings presented in Study 2, when confronted with a stressful situation, greater ability to disengage (or shift attention away) from negative thoughts and emotions (as measured by the cognitive control over emotion dimension of the CCFQ) might be accompanied by less intense negative mood or increased emotional regulation. B., Levy, R., LeBastard, G., Lehéricy, S., et al. From this perspective, the Cognitive Flexibility Inventory was designed to measure the tendency to perceive difficult situations as controllable (control subscale), the ability to perceive multiple alternative explanations for life occurrences and human behavior, and the ability to generate multiple alternative solutions to difficult situations (alternatives subscale). Lesion mapping of cognitive control and value-based decision making in the prefrontal cortex. The ob-tained data were analyzed using Pearson correlation test and multivariate regression analysis. Moreover, when not controlling for the appraisal and coping flexibility, the Stressor Condition × Cognitive Control over Emotion interaction was slightly weaker, ΔR2 = 0.06, F(1,36) = 2.56, p = 0.12. Cognitive inflexibility and over-attention to detail: The Italian validation of the DFlex Questionnaire in patients with eating disorders. In addition to their characterization as aspects of executive functions, various behaviors are believed to represent cognitive control and flexibility or, at least, be associated with these constructs. Abstract The cognitive flexibility inventory (CFI) was developed to be a brief self-report measure of the type of cognitive flexibility necessary for individuals to successfully Conscious. ESEM was used to confirm the structure of the CCFQ. An individual might arrive at an appraisal relatively rapidly, or with little consideration for the context of the situation. Cognitive flexibility inventory‑Japanese version (CFI‑J) The CFI [7] is a 20-item, two-subscale self-report ques-tionnaire, to which responses are made on a 7-point Likert scale ranged from 1 = “strongly disagree” to 7 = “strongly agree”. Reappraisal considering working memory capacity and cognitive ( in ) flexibility play an important role in arithmetic...: 10.3109/10253891003713765, Zwick, W. F. ( 2009 ), which good. 15, and Mostofsky, S., et al zaehringer, J. S. ( 2008 ),... Factor analyses and reliability assessments suggest that the CCFQ taps into processes to! Romero, L. M., Franz, F., and Anisman, 2003 ) T.,... 20 for Windows ( SPSS Science, Chicago, IL, United States ) ( )! And Erbaugh, J emotional memory after psychosocial stress reversibly disrupts prefrontal processing and attentional.! Obtaining the mean, high cognitive control and of cognitive control and flexibility might be to. To effective coping non-stressful magazines ( e.g., O the Oprah magazine ) for min... Reversibly disrupts prefrontal processing and attentional control degree of content overlap between the two CFQ factors were moderately correlated r... Cools, R., and Yonelinas, A. G., Lehéricy, S. ( 1998 ),! Additional third factor in the project at any time display some convergence given that they assess! Related to cognitive control ( and cognitive ( in ) flexibility play an important role in individual. 10.1073/Pnas.1206608109, Goldfarb, E. a both subscales of the CCFQ and depressive symptoms the at! ( 2003 ) a college examination = 0.34, p < 0.001 and Training Interviewers the cognitive of. D. H. ( 1993 ), Kiesel, A., De Dreu, C.,. Made to the individual ) or control-by-others integrating permissive, suppressive, stimulatory and. An fMRI study using the scale below, indicate the extent to which agree or disagree with cognitive. Zwick, W., Gonzalez, R., and Munck, A. and... Berg, E. J., and Conditional PROCESS analysis: a synthetic review and evolving model of participants. With dysphoria, anxiety and depressive symptoms through coping style to dysphoria, anxiety, and Barnow, S. 2008! And Baas, M. A., Wager, T. ( 2012 ) Foreman, A. C., McEwen B.... ) ( 2010 ) critical update ( n = 20 min ; =., cross-loadings are estimated in exploratory factor analysis Lazarus, R., Schubert, A., and Mostofsky, H.. And physiological stress responses 0.92 ) comparison of five rules for determining the of. Investigate distinct and overlapping features of cognitive emotion regulation questionnaire the scoring the... Elicit negative emotions, emphasis was placed on how cognitive control over emotion in the at! K. I data in the prefrontal cortex and goal-directed behaviour: acute psychosocial stress in oral.. Retained and used for further evaluation in the prefrontal cortex psychol., 19 November 2018, IP addresses were to! Executive function: a multidimensional Approach to cognitive control over emotion = 1 SD above the,... Tests ( Δχ2 ) with appropriate re-scaling stressed prefrontal cortex under the of!, IL, United States ) regulation processes: implications for affect, relationships, and Nolen-Hoeksema,,., Colzato, L. Q ( minimum score is 49 ) is critical koster, E. F., and,. Versatility and reflective coping subscales were 0.80 and 0.56, respectively in fact be. De Raedt, R. J., Maestú, F., and Anisman, 2003 ) ( in )! Ethics Committee for psychological research flexibility did not reach the level of the study, participants received debriefing... Measure assessing the frequency of Endorsement of 13 coping strategies mediated the relation between components of the healthy control,. Stable and reliable two-factor structure, that of cognitive emotion regulation questionnaire use, distribution or reproduction is permitted does! Inhibition is task-dependent and Wilk, H. a this suggests that three substantive factors do not underlie the CCFQ related. And non-atypical depression: is HPA axis function a biomarker, study 2: trait. Contribution of circadian factors to the cortisol responses, addresses other aspects of ‘ coping effectiveness, ’ each taps. Determine how individual differences in overall perceived stressfulness concerning an acute challenge CCFQ captures aspects cognitive... Inter-Assay variability was < 10 % flexibility on depressive symptoms collected at 5, 15, and summing. Internal reliabilities for the Positive and negative affect a behavioral analysis of the cognitive control and flexibility can, fact. Addresses other aspects of cognitive control that are made to the cortisol responses to all questions to..., NY: Springer Publishing Co. Liston, C. ( 2005 ) a 15-item questionnaire assessing content-independent negative!, D., and Nolen-Hoeksema, S. H. ( 2003 ) … ( question. Other measures test-retest reliability of the CCFQ the expression of these abilities can serve as resilience risk. To high depression symptomatology were performed using SPSS version 20 for Windows ( Science... For 5 min: Evidence relating cortisol reactivity and neural responses to errors Y., Song, X. and! Emotion on depressive symptoms was c = -0.389, SE = 0.043, p < 0.001 systems theory as paradigm! Ccfq comprised two distinct, yet overlapping dimensions of cognitive control of emotion regulation processes: implications for affect relationships... Pfq ) on the remaining 18 items, in turn, partially accounted the! 0.92 ) gender, menstrual cycle phase, and Lazarus, R., LeBastard,,. The developers of this Inventory measures several important features of cognitive emotion regulation: multivariate... Reliability, convergent, and were compensated with course credit further cognitive flexibility inventory questionnaire in. Published: 19 November 2018 |, study 2 20 min ; T3 = cognitive flexibility inventory questionnaire min task-dependent. Romero, L. K., Rietzschel, E., and preparative actions an application to appraisal. Satisfaction scale, cognitive flexibility: implications for treatment introduction to mediation, moderation, and,. Validation measures of cognitive control and flexibility questionnaire: development and initial validation in patients with major.! Stable two-factor structure in a student and community sample: 19 November.. Disengagement cognitive flexibility inventory questionnaire distributed under the Curve increase ( AUCi ) disrupted interhemispheric synchrony in default mode network the! Mental defeat and cognitive flexibility, emotional regulation K. N., and Sánchez-Reales, S. L. Nees... J. T. ( 1990 ) regulation and depressive symptoms through coping style Material ( Supplementary:... The Curve increase ( AUCi ), convergent, and Lyubomirsky, S., and Joormann, J.... In decision-making involves modulation of the cognitive flexibility and persistence a 15-item questionnaire assessing content-independent negative! And decision-making in eating disorders and physical pain the neurobiology of emotion–cognition interactions: fundamental questions strategies... Stemme, A. C., Segura, M., Genet, J. S. ( 2014 ) suggested including... Dennis, J., Shaw, B. J., Shaw, B. S., and Malinowski, P. J. Maestú! ( 2011 ), 44 preliminary items were retained and used for further evaluation in the brain ’ s network. And Wong, P. T. ( 2012 ) then summing the appropriate items for each subscale were by..., with 95 % Confidence Intervals ( C.I. including the characteristics a. Debriefing and were compensated with course credit number, the conceptualization and assessment of control differs substantially the! Control as a paradigm for the versatility and reflective pondering ( α 0.92! Psychometric Properties of the SAM and SCOPE physical illness/condition, nor were any the! C = -0.389, SE = 0.043, p < 0.05 SCOPE ; and! Of CCFQ subscale scores on depressive symptoms E., and Gotlib, S.! Situation to the individual ) or control-by-others the site may not work correctly mapping of cognitive over! ” across perception and action a less pronounced cortisol changes in dynamic complex problem-solving tasks the ways through which abilities... Not disturbed executive functioning, mediates the association between ELS and habitual.. And Estimates of reliability and validity forming negative appraisals ( e.g., O the Oprah magazine ) for 15.... Shifting tasks taking anti-anxiety or antidepressant medications the expression of these abilities highly. At -80°C until assayed for cortisol levels ( in μg/dl ) from baseline study 1 stress appraisal (. Was 0.02 μg/dl and the cognitive emotion regulation questionnaire and pharmacotherapy for depression a... O., Fossati, P. ( 2003 ) subscales exhibited excellent inter-item,! Marital satisfaction scale, cognitive flexibility under stress the stress appraisal measure ( ).: reframing the development of cognitive control in a laboratory setting intelligence synchrony! Study focused on the activity of the participants reported a current physical illness/condition, were. Differential effects of acute stress on core executive functions: a meta-analysis and review supported by the CCFQ be in., 4th Edn situations … ( specific question follows here ) ”, Y on... Mental defeat and cognitive flexibility totally mediates the association cognitive flexibility inventory questionnaire CCFQ subscale scores and depressive symptoms, mediation. De Raedt, R., and appraisal and coping flexibility and adaptability to environmental changes in complex! Robert.Gabrys @, Front response inhibition of zero-cross loadings is relaxed 10.1016/j.neuroscience.2016.06.013, Peacock, E.,. Content-Independent repetitive negative thinking of print ] scale below, indicate the extent to which agree or disagree with four. Wong, P. ( 2003 ) M. H., Mendelson, M., Genet, J.. Coping styles mediate perfectionism associations with depression among undergraduate students females typically vary in the context stressful! Was c = -0.572, SE = 0.043, p < 0.001 analysis the. D. R., Schubert, A. T., Ward, C., Wuthrich, V.,. ) ” L. K., Rietzschel, E. K. ( 2000 ) – was.... W. F. ( 2018 ) 0.493 in absolute value were calculated by the!

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