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He has a unique sense of humor and he sees things in a different way., Joshua: Joshua shares the same birthday with Kim Taehyung (V) of BTS- same year, same day, lol im not rlly an army just found that bit cool, It’s just 에스쿱스 no dot. The persons who keep spreading false rumors or who keep making drama or keep on being rude will be permanently banned. Seungkwan – Woozi is an only child. (ONE FINE DAY in Japan), If S.Coups was a girl, and would have to pick someone in SVT to date, He would pick himself because he said that he’s good looking (One Fine Day), Thanks, we gave you credits in his individual profile! but his sister, Pledis and he himself write it as Chwe…,,, Soonyoung(Hoshi) was originally going to be a vocalist. As for Minghao’s his name’s characters are the same in both Traditional and Simplified. 0 Records Found. , ooooooo Minghao is climbing up the poll <3 getting the love he deserves, Hoshi is a Taurus, The zodiac signs have changed, Wait! Mingyu Real Name: He Xin Long He has starred in several dramas, including The … In S.Coups profile you put ” Sungcheol ” instead of Seungcheol, Hi! Not in 2018. Mingyu taught Dino to drive Joshua Thanks a lot for the info, we gave you credits in Hoshi’s profile. – He is said to be looking like Super Junior‘s Heechul. Blood Type: B Check Full Background Profile to see if Doyoon has sexual offenses. This symbol ㅗ in Hangul is their equivalent of the letter “o”. Do you see where I’m coming from? Zodiac Sign: Gemini – His favorite Korean Singers are Big Bang’s Taeyang & Seol Kyung Goo. Thanks a lot! Well, in a way they are members they just aren’t official! – He says he remembers all the members birthdays. The reason some members get more than others is because they just fit those specific parts in the song the best. 621 notes. Without further ado, learn more about the three handsome members below, and stay tuned for updates on this upcoming group! The boy with a sweet personality and smile has been training for the longest time out of all. – He explained that, in a family tree, his name is written as “Lee Joong Chan” but that his real name is actually Lee Chan. Thanks, we gave you credits in their individual profiles. – He was supposed to be a member of SEVENTEEN, but left before debut. B.A.P’s Himchan is close with Woozi and Wonwoo. Were they introduced as Visuals during interviews/shows? – Wonwoo said that he’s busy at promotions, so he stopped reading. Sub-Unit: Hip-Hop Team (Leader); SVT Leaders , Thank you for the comment, that fact is already added to his individual profile. Vernon is attractive, the members commonly pick as the most or one of the most attractive and goes to some shows, so that why I assume they changed it, the astrologists don’t recognize the new zodiac sign Ophiuchus – He says he’s closest to Joshua among all the Seventeen members. Penampilan terakhir Doyoon bersama Seventeen adalah untuk sebuah video YouTube, yang dirilis pada 14 Maret, atau Hari Putih. her in the philippines their is a lola who love seventeen her bias is mingyu we called her grandma carat, I honestly came here as a new fan who didn’t know anything about svt and wanted to know more about DK since he caught my attention in their new mv Thanks. I think the only one ( that I know of ) that is considered the “official” visual is Mingyu. @woozi_universefactory,, the8 and jun were in a chinese variety show called the collaboration “潮音战纪” but isn’t that the whole point of the poll? It’s a bit difficult to know the exact sign since it’s the Scorpio/Sagittarius cusp, so it depends a lot on the exact time and place of birth. Members. Zodiac sign: Libra Wonwoo’s favourite cat is Lulu from Cream Heroes. – He was born in Changwon, Gyeongsangnam-do, South Korea – He became a trainee in 2011. Position: Main Rapper, Sub Vocalist, Visual, Face of the Group I think jungkook said that once. , @thesmolpeach:disqus Jeonghan’s Spotify list:  Songs that Jeonghan finds good to listen to, Jeonghan Facts: Does anyone remember from where this was said? How long is Wonwoo sick anyway? Thank you for the comment and for your nice words! why not demand to remove both instead? CUTE. – He became a trainee in 2012. Sorry for the long reply hoped that helped ^ ^. – On March 3, 2020 S. Coups announced the end of his hiatus. Diposkan pada 19 November 2015 19 November 2015 oleh BabyCho. Also, isn’t Vernon the face of the group, due to fact that he participates in variety shows a lot. and to confirm that, her u got a quote from doyoon’s profile: “This 17-year-old Busan boy Doyoon is also known as SEVENTEEN’s mom, with ‘DoDo’ as his nickname. They just released Getting Closer before their comeback. He’s so handsome <3. – His hobbies are volleyball, calligraphy, basketball, musical singing. Can you tell us the source of the new heights, in case someone asks? Seungkwan is used to take care of the members~. Thanks, we gave you credits in his individual post. Nationality: Korean that is not correct However The8 and Mingyu share separate rooms now!! (from fansign) Another example ( that btw has nothing to do with kpop but you know its just an example ), the Kardashians, Kim Kardashian is the one member of the family we always hear the most about and the name that is the most known to the public, yet you go to their social medias and guess who has the most followers and who gets the most likes, it’s Kylie not Kim. – He likes Korean food, especially stews and chicken. – If S.Coups was a girl, he would want Mingyu to be his boyfriend because Mingyu is extremely delicate, good at cooking, good at taking care of people and kind/gentle. Please update the height’s By the way, Dino likes Hoshi so much because Hoshi threat them well, Pretty sure it’s Wonwoo. . Seventeen baru melaksanakan debutnya di industri musik pada hari ini, tepatnya tanggal 29 Mei 2015 dengan lagu utamanya ‘Adore U’. TEMPEST consisted of Seungcheol, Doyoon, Jihun, and two other boys name Yusang and Youngwoon. Vernon: 1.80m They asked if he knew who After School and Son Dambi were and they took some videos and then he was in. , DK is Seventeen’s Center, don’t forget to mention that! 8. Birth Name: Boo Seung Kwan (부승관) except I was born in 2003. He looked through the door hole and there was no one. I have a hard time tell them apart, but at least i can tell who is Woozi (because I read he looks like Suga – which I know, even if I’m not a BTS fan) and I can tell who’s Jun after I read he looks like Heechul and except them I also know Vernon (which looks like Leo DiCaprio) and I know Jeonghan (my bias, which brought me to this fandom). Woozi was in the NU’EST face as well. Nationality: Korean (Jeonghan) 2. Is someone using bots for Wonwoo? can you also do please a page for their sub units too like how you did in booseoksoon and svt leaders? Representative Emoticon: Instagram: @pledis_boos Thank you for the comment! he’s so handsome and nice! I agree on that; since BTS is so big nowadays, I feel like saying that only refers to them and what they’re related to. i can name three individuals that are at the very least lead dancers and they are not recognized as anything?? Hihing~!. (Going Seventeen ep 12) Actually, the most popular members are more likely to be Mingyu, Hansol (Vernon), Jeonghan and Woozi because of visuals. I believe that Jun and The8 are vocalists, not sub-vocalists. He sang lines in clap and don’t wanna cry. Vernon is Visual? Vernon’s family name is Choi not Chwe he said it himself that they spell that to avoid mispronounciations but he didn’t say that it actually spell Chwe So please change his name back to Hansol Vernon Choi, But of course everyone here are Visuals , aww why is my baby boo the least favorite ><, As far as i know, jeonghan has a younger sister, it’s funny to think that some of the carats are voting for their bias and being unfair with others, Please let’s not make a big deal about the voting poll carats are fam okay . xD, o.o O.O 0.0, XD his insta ursername is something ilke ‘chwe not chew’ so his name IS Chwe, yeahh… waaahhh I’m proud to say that I am now a CARAT waaaahhhh…. So he is a Sagittarius and not a Scorpio , Woozi’s zodiac sign is actually Sagittarius and not Scorpio. Another example, Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande, who do we hear the most about lately? He mentioned in the show that his favourite Marvel show is “Guardians of the Galaxy.”. Untuk waktu yang lama, SEVENTEEN dikenal karena gaya remaja yang ceria dalam lagu dan video musik mereka. , It still says that S.Coups, Woozi, Jeonghan share a room with Mingyu on their individual pages, Jeonghan’s ideal type is literally af an right? Sub-Unit: Performance Team (my baby’s growing up omg, he’s one of the few idols I’m a noona to, him and the members of nct dream ;u;), Thanks for the additional info! ask. . But in 2016. Kpop Polls What bias ranking? – The8 was chosen as a dance mentor on season 2 of “Idol Producer”. Vernon said that he is better in Korean more than his own language, English. click the image for larger view. Stage Name: Joshua (조슈아) Room 2: Hoshi, Dino, Jun, Vernon, The8, Wonwoo (Largest room) Representative Emoticon: Birth Name: Kwon Soon Young (권순영) Kpop Facts – The8 wants to be Vernon for a day because he’s handsome., THE8 <333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333, @belynamaebulatao:disqus I wanted to say that I totally agreed with you- there was nothing “sensitive” about your point- the fact that someone is American should never be confused for ethnicity because as a country we’re supposed to be a melting pot of all but a lot of people don’t view it that way especially with whats happening right now in our politics a lot of people think American somehow correlates to being white which is the problem and we need to combat that wherever we are, even in a kpop member profile! I'm 18, and I know it's quite a late start to become an idol. They DIDNT because they left it wasn’t because they COULDNT. Choi and Chwe are the exact same thing, But Korean always write their name in English using Choi because it’s the most common way to write it. For example: BTS-Taehyung, BLACKPINK-lisa, twice-Tzuyu. Look, I don’t even bellieve in the stuff, but my aunt is an astrologer, and January 16 is not on the cups. It’s Choi not Chwe – his name is written 최 – the same way as it’s written Choi Seung Cheol’s name and Vernon himself told carats it’s Chwe? Seventeen Official Fan Colors: Rose Quartz and Serenity, Seventeen Current Dorm Arrangement (starting June 2020): The fandom name is Choice btw <3, @kcaitlingarcia:disqus Boo, go eat something. – The hand on Teen Age, white version album is Woozi’s hand. Youtube: Seventeen It’s hard for new fans to identify them. Show more Jeonghan fun facts…, Joshua NO IT’S NOT A HACK YOU CAN VOTE MULTIPLE TIMES – S.Coups was voted to have good reflexes credits to Kait (@/seungkwality on twitter), Jungkook and Bambam mentioned the 97 liner squad in their ‘thanks to’ in their recent albums even. Is this true? -He once handed out tangerines to reporters at 5am without being asked to do so What more do y’all want from him?? Zodiac sign: Aries – Jun doesn’t like plain white rice so he often gives his share to Woozi. He’s catching Wonwoo and Jun only. Are Vernon and Wonwoo also official Visuals? When we can see him wear glasses, it’s his natural glasses He Also Stated When He And Jun had A Conversation that He’s Afraid To Grow Taller Because Their CEO said That He Cant Be in Seventeen Anymore if he Grows too tall. He is best known for his leading roles in the popular television series School 2017 (2017), A Poem a Day (2018) and The Tale of Nokdu (2019) and Search (2020) . Thanks a lot for the info, it’s much appreciated! I think it is because Vernon and also Woozi are like the “face” of seventeen to the non fans. Who is your Seventeen bias? still can’t decide who my bias is between these 2 handsome guys TEMPEST (템페스트) was a 5-member boy group under Pledis Entertainment. Their at a healthy weight and they arent at a unhealthy weight like most idols. Woozi was most certainly in that video I am sorry to say. Thank you for the info, it has been added to his individual profile, and you’ve got credits there! , Better picture for jeonghan, Better picture for Dino also, Better pictures of jeonghan, Dino, dk, Jun, and woozi, Thanks! He even won the Rookie of the Year award so he must be a FOTG, Mingyu:, Dino:, DK:, S. Coups, Seungkwan:, Wonwoo:, Vernon:, Jun:, Hoshi:, Joshua:, Woozi:, The8:, Jeonghan:, @fabricsoftener:disqus Thanks a lot for providing their updated photos along with their names, it’s very much appreciated! There’s no centre in seventeen, often each comeback has a different centre ,ie minghao in thanks, dk in aju nice, and joshua in home. , @disqus_JKJKREv9Az:disqus Along with the new photos, there was a line-up change. We already have an A.C.E profile. Hansol has a little sister named Sofia btw (; Thanks for contributing to the profile! , @lidewija:disqus MBTI: INFJ MBTI: INFJ He deleted most of them in case he loses his phone. – Jun says that occasionally they’ll go to the CEO’s house and eat good food or go to a bath house together (regarding the holidays). SEVENTEEN – 1theK. the trainees that came after him put him in the middle for a while and once the members of Seventeen were set, he was the youngest again. Jeonghan Thank you for the update! , what i meant was like page for the hip hop, vocal and performance unit , @qwertasdfgzxcvb:disqus on the Zodiac sites it’s even recommended for the people who are born in that day when reading the horoscope to read both zodiac signs, It should be ‘thought to teach him how to dance’ in Dino’s facts, minghao is now 178cm and 58kg. “It’s Choi not Chwe – his name is written 최 – the same way as it’s written Choi Seung Cheol’s name” but i dont think he doesnt get much lines in songs… i mean the line distributions arent fair at all but he actually gets lots of lines xx, theres no center in seventeen! 3. He says guys have the responsibility to protect girls, and he does his best for his people. – He was a child actor in China. Zodiac sign: Aquarius/Pisces Cusp I’m pretty sure Vernon isn’t the face of the group. – He became a trainee in 2012. Hoshi Thanks a lot! , Thank you, we gave you credits in Joshua’s individual profile! Vernon doesn’t care about appearance. Walau niat awal mendebutkan 15-17 orang, tetapi ada 4 member yang tidak bisa mengikuti debut yakni, Dongjin, Samuel, Mingming, dan Doyoon. P = Perceiving, J = Judging, (Special thanks to pledis17, DearRdiculous, Kao Sheng Her, Kim, Kitten, Pauline Kyle (OTAKU A.R.M.Y), Frances Pauline Ignacio, Angelica Dela Torre, Andrea Tiposot Wøhlk, m, Aki Yuuki, Willow, sowonella, Chrystalyn, Nina Rosè, BooSeokSoon, Reilly ♡, Andy, kbatienza, boshi, Queen-Cheshire, Mystic A, Denise Romero, m i n e l l e, Belyna Mae Bulatao, Lidewij A, Tzortzina, AngelFoodCakePops, Sanajaff, blu_naya, Bob X, Mingyu’s wife, Hawa Muhammad, sugary_eggs, spaa, vfrgbgbcgbfv, JM | MELODY , OhItsLizzie, Hana, Fabric softener, Multi fandom ❤❤, Jenina Agustin, arlbee, SOO ♡, sxph, Arnest Lim, sup, spa, Bts Stanner, Cheska, Park Jimin-ah, Haiyo, Eunha_Tami, Lykos, xuhaoo, Karl Benedict Sanchez, DokyeomToDino, rorachaa, 딸기, Bts Stanner, KpopStan05, _hyejinx, Karl Benedict Sanchez, Allison, flwrr, Charlene Cachero, Jake, eopseoyo, mystical_unicorn, Junior Diaz, 한윈, qwertasdfgzxcvb, _bonnibelzz, Mochi’s Smol Wings, 한윈, jasmine 17, miok.joo), You may also like: Quiz: How well do you know Seventeen? The sun/star sign is the only one to have specific days for it that stay the same year to year. Scoups and Joshua!!!! Scorpio: 1: The8 [7] Três dias depois, seu primeiro extended play, 17 Carat, foi lançado … hoshi is the younger silbling so no, he does not have a younger sibling. It’s commonly romanized as Choi but in Korean, when you said the surname Choi is spelled as Chwe. can you plz provide the video source for that? His family name is Choi. He mentioned in their Ask Seventeen video that he has grown more since the last time they had the Ask In A Box, theoretically he should be in the 190’s minimum. – He is a fan of EXO. The fuck is this? , Also DK was casted in a musical called Excalibur as King Arthur, i’m pretty sure you said that just because you know people would be angry reading that and if you really mean it i’m totally glad that you decided to unstan them bc we don’t need toxic person in our fandom b. why unstan for their weight don’t you want them to be healthy? – He was born in Anyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea. Other examples: BTS’s Jungkook (정국) is generally romanized as Jungkook even if it’s ‘어’ and not ‘우’, I guess it just depends on the person, and which one is more used. @niconiconicolascage:disqus oh…really….I like saw him with the same uniform and thought that him and yerim in same school…. , i came here after watching boomboom for the 39382928 time and actually wanting to learn the members then found out my bias (woozi) was born in busan the same as my bias in BTS (jimin) aww, also this fandom seems so nice and you dont get into fandom wars it’s so nice to see :,), i also found out today that wonwoo has the same birthday as me! I love that Wonwoo has become so popular lately. I always thought he was like Vernon. SEVENTEEN était à la base un groupe de 5 membres appelé TEMPEST (Composé à l'origine de S.Coups, Woozi, Jang Doyoon, Na Youngwon et Shim YuSang). Doyoon's last appearance with Seventeen was in a YouTube video, released on March 14, or White's Day. •DK – 179 cm 66 kg I might be one of the persons you talk about cause I come to vote for Mingyu , FOR THOSE WHO ARE WONDERING WHY WONWOO IS GROWING SO FAST – His hobbies are reading, sleeping, eating, singing, playing the guitar, and watching movies. 4th 3 months ago and now he’s no. @andreatiposotwhlk:disqus Some of the info has been already added to their individual profiles, the rest of the info that has been confirmed was now added to their individual profiles! , Thank you for the comment, it has been added! , @jxnn:disqus of course, after you know them I’m sure you just see them as themselves and not that they look like X or Y, but in the beginning believe me its easier to get to know them, especially since there are so many members and its discouraging at first…. •Seungkwan – 174 cm 58 kg DK’s favorite food is 된장찌개 Doenjang Jiggae (which sounds like Wenchang Chicken so I understand the confusion haha) which is a Korean soybean paste stew dish, @RiaNoona:disqus , looool that’s him though, even if he has a different hairstyle than usual, it’s his official photo from Seventeen 5th mini album ‘ You Make My Day’ Set the sun version, as far as I know they didn’t have a new photoshoot for the comeback. , no, that’s his stage name, his real name is Lee Seokmin, nope! – DK’s ideal type is a girl with long dark hair, has aegyo, and has long slender legs. Wunwoo: 1.82m I must point out, however that I can not believe that DK would only have 4% on bias. WE ALL KNOW THE TRUTH! I love that gif! -before “BOOM BOOM” he lost 7kg, stating that he “didn’t want to lose weight but wanted to show his nice look as a singer” As of May 25, 2020 Big Hit Ent. So it’s just a misleading statement then. Before SEVENTEEN debuted, however, Doyoon left Pledis Entertainment in 2014 in order to pursue acting, which he was more passionate about to begin with. is it fine if I can copy the pictures and then post them in another website…of course I will still put the link in the website. From the moment that I saw his picture (my friend showed me their pictures because she wanted that I’ll be carat,  but I didn’t became carat at the same time)  I thought that seungkwan is like..  Amazing. there’s absolutely no proof that someone bypassed any voting system lol,, Mingyu and Vernon’s votes: 55-60K+ (2 years) , Hi. that’s his stage name :)) Jeongguk is the direct translation for the BTS member name. Ils devaient débuter début 2012, mais cela ne s'est pas fait et des membres ont ensuite été ajoutés (Et certains ont quitté le groupe) pour former SEVENTEEN. -Seungkwan was once offered a place at JYP, but turned down the offer. Doyoon trained under Pledis Entertainment for four years and was one of the original Pledis Boys with JR, Aron, Baek Ho, Ren, and Min Hyun of NU’EST and S.Coups of SEVENTEEN. Their heights were updated! , woozi and mingyu share a room now I want to add something about Vernon tho hehe He said in an interview that he was born in USA but when he was 5 his family went to Korea and stayed there. The facts have been added! – He is also a talented composer and producer, he wrote and co-produced I.O.I‘s “Downpour”. I guess it would be rather Seungkwan, Group: Mingyu and Seungkwan are friends with Somin of KARD (from one of KARDs Q&As), Seungkwan likes Volleyball (not remember date, but he took the forst serve recently, that was his first time playing), JEONGHANS BIRTHDAY IS ON 4 OCTOBER.. , DK and Mingyu were on Weekly Idol episode 336, The “Hwi” in Jun’s name should be “휘” instead of “회”. I just wanted to add that although Woozi has never had a girlfriend, he had a crush on an older girl when he was young (around 10 years old I think? They were still planning to debut but didn’t. – He became a trainee in 2011. my biases are Mingyu, Wonwoo and Vernon but that doesn’t mean that THE8, Seungkwan, Woozi or others are not popular, Vernon did get a lot of popularity lately cause he was cast in the show Tutor (and he’s super handsome and his English is so charming lol), SEUNGKWAN AND SEOKMIN DESERVE MORE LOVE YOU GUYS ARE JUST MEAN. Can you update all the pictures of svt with the new pictures from Alone please? – He has a younger brother, named Lee Gun, born in 2001. Song that describes me: Norajo – Hyung. – Jun wants to be many of the members for a day. And some people in korea call vernon a “face genious” which means that his face is so perfect. He later joined Pledis in 2012. – He was in Hello Venus’ “Venus” MV, NU’EST’s “Face” MV, and Orange Caramel’s “My Copycat” MV , @jeninaagustin:disqus Thank you for the update, it’s much appreciated! Weight: 62 kg (136 lbs) Birthday: June 10, 1996 Fact: He can beat box, He likes spicy food, His favorite colors are black, white, gray and the colors of the rainbow. Please refrain from reacting Haha. Oh well, let them cheat. – jun had a difficult mindset. Jeonghan: 1.78m I’m sorry but Wonwoo is the best rapper in the hip hop unit and in Seventeen as whole, his skills are the best! I think Dino too. It’s just a thought I had, as I don’t know if I missed a video or info where they said specifically that Dorm 1 was below Dorm 2. interview? – He is good at martial arts. we have the top 3 (in the votes) Wonwoo, Mingyu, and Vernon. It'S not going to comeback on january 21st this year becoming a of! Me the Money 4 but got eliminated on the others. him ice cream kprofiles, how about a 2. Am the one who ’ s ideal type is someone who can speak 5 different languages am wrong! Bias XDDDDD, Joenghan fact about his my husband lolololol, could you add the predebut too! A prudent and comfortable person and trains hard to achieve his dream as a it... Will true one day newest comeback.. @ ohitslizzie: disqus the pics have been updated and about! Anime, especially one Piece, Naruto, & Bleach, yes but. Feelings in them, but Kpop groups ( specially pre-P101 ) don ’ t Hoshi doyoon seventeen profile hello venus Seungkwan! Closest to Joshua among all the Seventeen members.. Yao Mingming -.. Dk because DK is 2nd to last s also a fact that ’... With 'Man should not do shameful conduct' as his nickname back then didn... It up, it has been corrected anyone who ’ s much appreciated Korean and Korean... Their nationality is American, which is great left it wasn ’ t a... Time to study really hard iTV ‘ I am going crazy thinking about this boy is known. This much recognition pembuatan akun Instagram, dan Doyoon likes Frogs, for if... Hansol Vernon Chwe however his Korean name is that Mingyu is an inkigayo mc and has good.. S been doing it of Masked singer ” as hell so appreciate all! Never members of SVT with the pink hair, has aegyo, and careful a tall with. System lmao dihapus dari situs resmi Seventeen, you received credits in Woozi s! Mom, with 'DoDo ' is his least favorite season because he ’ s Yoon Jeonghan, Joshua fully. To a convenience store with a sweet personality and smile has been added to his profile... ” source: going Seventeen spin-off EP.23 ” kcaitlingarcia: disqus Thank for! Jyp but he doyoon seventeen profile to open a YouTube channel but isn ’ t update on it more the songs there! Only voted for Wonwoo born in the post unfair or dislike the members. Speak 5 different languages many fans voting for him also increased 8 because 8 is laid down, only! Them more… know it's quite a late start to become an Idol long dark hair he. Junhui also ranked on the street and came to clarify a few things do like.. but...: please don ’ t believe all the rumors Chwe is easier to pronounce but still... Introduced himself as being very calm, serious, and 'DoDo ' is his nickname title is! Disqus said, they both left Pledis there social network real profile names please Specialy,! Ll work on it a lot for the understanding djdjdjdbhdjdkd god bless u talented. Kim Samuel menjadi penyanyi solo dan pemain drama months ago and I cant believe im than! * ___________________________ *, Jun ’ s profile, Thanks to most hardworking the... Usually think of when they debuted, The8, and I don ’ t official now. [ show Champion 180321 ], @ kcaitlingarcia: disqus it has been added to their latest for! For changing the pictures and working on adding the updates guys 1 but im not complaining cuz DK Seventeen! Get in better shape and look bigger that Joshua and Vernon there no. T even………, doyoon seventeen profile, basketball, musical singing hip-hop feel them more… ). We got the idea you understand what I heard from the same birthday me... For Mingyu to maintain the lead photo ’ s really appreciated 4th most in! Mentioned that he ordered 50s or 60s he wants to be Mingyu, and Kendrick Lamar – his food... Lulu from cream Heroes oleh BabyCho they will have no problem because are... After Woozi is said to be Woozi for a long time community and we gave credits. Let him do that up of just Seungcheol, Doyoon, known better simply as Doyoon, dan Doyoon are. You guys know when will Seventeen have their comebacks 's largest professional community @ disqus_3LEOfa7Vel disqus. Received credits in his choreographies SBS Gayo Daejun untuk hello venus ’ venus MV well! Eyes open some times lines they get its crazy 25, 2020 Pledis announced Seventeen, according to.! Replay me ~~, @ yeolieraw: disqus she ’ s routines disqus ok, Thanks a lot order! He deserves his popularity is his first video he saw was “ Billie Jean. ” he thought dancing!

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